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Full Moon Cafe at Screams

17.10.2021 (4:00 am) – Filed under: Screams

Full Moon Cafe is the full service bar and cafe at Screams, on the far side of the Food Court, by the West Market Arch. This is the only place in Screams where you can eat, drink, and pay with a credit card. Full Moon has two great bartenders, Cheltsey and Michael, and a sweet server named Carolina. Full Moon has a full bar, but I always order the specialty drinks, which are listed below. Medusa’s Kiss is probably my favorite, but The Stoneman is a close second. I tried all of their specialty drinks this weekend and enjoyed each one. The Werewolf may be the strongest, but The Stoneman will give you a buzz pretty quickly too. If you are ballsy enough, go to the bar and say, very loudly, that you would like the Hot Seamen.

There is plenty of seating at Full Moon, and the menu has been improved for 2021. I tried the bacon cheese fries and chicken tacos on Saturday and was happy with both. I spoke with some people who recommended the pretzel bites, loaded BBQ fries, and the chicken taco salad. The cheeseburger is always reliable, and I’m going to save room for the brownie a la mode next time. The portion sizes are pretty good, so make sure to not eat before going to Screams.

As I mentioned in my review of Screams, it’s best to see the main attractions when you arrive, and eat and drink later. I like the food court and taverns, but I always stop at Full Moon after finishing with the haunted houses. Full Moon is very well decorated, so it has a real Halloween feel to it, and it’s nice to be able to sit down and relax after five attractions and lots of walking. You can order the specialty drinks as shots, but I ask for ice so that I can cool down in a hurry. This will probably be a fairly warm October, so keep that in mind. Medusa’s Kiss is the most refreshing drink they make. That will come in handy when it’s in the 80’s and humid. Last call is at 11:30, so be sure to allow enough time to have dinner and drinks. I usually get to Full Moon between 9:30 and 10, but 10:30 would be fine. The drinks, beer, and menu are listed below, along with some pictures of the bar and bartenders. Have a great time at Screams and at Full Moon!


Specialty drinks

Medusa’s Kiss


The Stoneman

Hot Seamen

The Werewolf

Hairy Snakes



Deep Ellum IPA



Bud Light




Pretzel Bites

Bacon Cheese Fries

Buffalo Wings

Loaded BBQ Fries


Chicken Tacos

Chicken Taco Salad

Brownie a la Mode

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