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Dark Hour’s St Patrick’s Day Show

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Dark Hour Haunted House in Plano will be open on March 16 for it’s Survive St Patrick’s Slay show. Dark hour will be open from 7pm-10pm that night. You can buy tickets here.


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This is a list of haunted houses from years past. Of course, nearly every haunted houses that opened before 1996 is closed now, so this is a list of personal favorites that have closed.

Tayman Graveyard, built on the same grounds that Tayman Manor occupied, has closed. 2021 was it’s final season. It had a good, long run, from 2005-2021. Tayman Graveyard had a great location and multiple attractions. I fondly remember the creepy walk from the old parking lot to the haunt, and the great decor inside the park.

Dallas Scaregrounds  A great haunted house that started out as Dr Blood’s and developed into a haunted festival, in the Dallas Design District. It was very popular, but fell victim to the redevelopment of the Design District. This was one of the first extra large haunted houses in DFW.

Fatal End/Dollhouse  Another popular haunted house that was ended by redevelopment in the downtown Dallas area. Fatal End opened in the late 2000’s. It had a great location in the West End, and had great props. Necroplex merged with Fatal End in 2011 and the name changed to The Dollhouse.

Dallas Slaughterhouse  This haunt started in the West End in Dallas in the mid 2000’s and eventually moved to Deep Ellum, before merging with J&F in Garland in 2016.

Dungeon of Doom  The original DoD, in the basement of the Arlington Museum of Art, was formed as a way to raise money for the museum. It probably had the best decor of any haunted house I’ve been to, with the possible exception of Verdun Manor. Kay, and her husband Milton, ran the place. With so many multi haunt attractions opening in the 2000’s, Kay felt that DoD could no longer compete and closed down after the 2007 season. Many of the props went to the new Dungeon of Doom in the Reindeer Manor/13 Street Morgue complex.

Necroplex started in Italy, south of Waxahachie, in 2008, and merged with Fatal End in 2011. Necroplex had great Old West style Gothic props and decor.

Tayman Manor  One of the most intense haunted houses of the 90’s and early 2000’s was Tayman Manor in Midlothian. Actors made some contact, the place looked great, and had a creepy setting. Tayman Manor was destroyed in a fire, along with most of Addamsville, but Tayman Graveyard lives on to this day.

Addamsville was a haunt park, next to Tayman Manor. It was only open for 2002 and 2003, but it was fun while it lasted. Addamsville had a coupon system, similar to the State Fair. It had a trail, a clown house, a mortuary, a haunted museum, and a standard haunted house. Concessions and a gift shop were at one end of the park. Stilt walkers roamed through the night. It had a great festival atmosphere. Sadly, most of Addamsville was destroyed in the fire that took out Tayman Manor. The mortuary and concessions stand are still around at Tayman Graveyard.

Dr Haunt’s Chamber of Fear  Located in Gainesville, Dr Haunts was a throwback to ’80’s side of the road haunted houses. The quality varied year to year, but a unique layout and enthusiastic college volunteers made the trip worthwhile through the 2000’s.

Terrorplex was a small haunt park located in the outskirts of the Mansfield area, south of Arlington. It had four to five small haunted houses at a time. Mead Manor was the best of the haunts.

Lafitte’s Landing was a pirate themed haunted house that opened in the mid 2000’s, and reopened for one more year in Allen.

Phantom’s Haunted House  This was the haunt that would not die. Originally located in Lewisville, on the west side of the 1-35 access road, Phantoms had to move to Frisco after it’s property was bought by a car dealership. After one season in Frisco (I think that was 2003) Phantoms moved to the State Fair for three seasons, before moving back to Frisco, or Plano, at an Old West attraction in 2010. Phantom’s final location was in Allen, off of 75, where the outdoor mall is today. The Lewisville location had the best haunted house, but the Allen location had the best hayride I’ve been on. It wound through a densely forested area, with tree branches close enough to touch at times.

Faustas Sanitarium was located in Cleburne in the Wright Plaza building, which shows up on lots of paranormal sites as a haunted location. Faustas was upstairs, and was fairly small, but was extremely well decorated due to being designed by Lance Pope’s company, Wolf Productions. Wright Plaza was closed at night, aside from Faustas, and in those days downtown Cleburne was deserted at night, so the entire area had an eerie feel to it. Faustas was open in the 90’s and closed down around 2003.

Haunt House  Located in Caddo Mills, off of the I-30 access road, Haunt House was a small, but creative place. This was the first haunt in the area to use shock pads on walls.

Ripley’s Haunted House  Ripley’s in Grand Prairie had a very good haunted house in the wax figure section of it’s building in the 2000’s. I went for the first time in 2004, and it closed a few years later. The wax figures of horror movie monsters and liberal use of fog machines were the best parts of the haunt.

Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus  This still exists in Utah, but the DFW version was around for three seasons, beginning in 2013. The circus was a collection of 18 wheeler trailers, each with it’s own scene and actors, plus some props and actors between the trailers. It moved each year, from two locations in Irving, to Grand Prairie, before closing shop in Texas. It was a unique approach to haunting, but was probably too expensive for the market.

Other notable closed haunted attractions:

Ripley’s Haunted Adventure


Halls of Horror


Nightmare on the Bayou

Southlake Carroll haunted house

Dan’s Haunted House

The Boneyard Haunted House

Dr Fright’s in Arlington


Haunted Hollow at the Hill

Fear Factory in the Colony

Nightmare on Forest Lane

Count Dracula’s in McKinney

Zombie Manor

Dark Path Haunt

Jefferson Fright Train

Rotting Flesh Factory

Psycho Asylum

Tree Farm Massacre

The Sanctuary Haunted House

Evil Visions Haunted House

Terror Trail (Canutillo)

Nightmare Grounds




Dead by Dark Hour Friday July 14

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Dark Hour Haunted House in Plano will be having it’s Dead by Dark Hour one night event on Friday, July 14, from 7pm-10pm. Tickers are here.

Summer Monster Bash at Scream Hollow

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Scream Hollow will have it’s summer show this June. The dates are June 2,3,9,10,16, and 17. Hours are 7pm-11pm. Live music, bonfires, 6 bars, and 2 cafes will be part of the Summer Monster Bash, in addition to Scream Hollow’s 5 haunted attractions. Tickets are here.

Scream Hollow is a 20 acre haunt park, about 35 miles southeast of Austin. They offer an all inclusive pass for all haunted attractions, and a ticket for the park only, in case you want to eat, drink, and listen to live music, but have already seen the attractions.

Halfway to Halloween at House of Torment and 13th Floor Houston

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House of Torment and 13th Floor Houston are opening for two nights, May 12 and 13th, for their Halfway to Halloween Event. At House of Torment, tickets are $27.99 and can be purchased here. These are timed tickets, although a Flex ticket can be purchased for an additional $5. 13th Floor Houston has $24.99 tickets, which can be purchased here. Flex tickets are also available for an additional $5.


Leprechaun Lights Out at Dark Hour

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Dark Hour Haunted House will be having a Saint Patrick’s celebration on Friday, March 17, with Leprechaun Lights Out. The event will be from 7pm-10pm. You can buy tickets here.

Haunted Houses open for Valentine’s Day

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Open All Year

Haunted Mayfield Manor in Galveston

Ripley’s Haunted Adventure in San Antonio


Friday, February 10

Hangman’s House of Horrors 50 Shades of Fear 8pm-11pm

Old Midland’s Trail Of Horrors 6:30pm-10pm


Saturday, February 11

Dark Hour Haunted House Dead by Dark Hour 80’s Slasher movie tribute. 7pm-10pm

Hangman’s House of Horrors 50 Shades of Fear 8pm-11pm

Nightmare on 19th Street (Lubbock) 7pm-10pm

Old Midland’s Trail Of Horrors 6:30pm-10pm

The Asylum (Oklahoma) 7pm-10pm

The Expelled Haunted House (Arkansas) 7pm-11pm


Sunday, February 12

Hangman’s House of Horrors 50 Shades of Fear 8pm-11pm


Valentine’s Day

Cutting Edge 8pm-10pm


Weekend of February 17-19

House of Torment February 17-19. Timed tickets, buy on their site.

13th Floor Houston February 17-18. Timed tickets, but on their site.



Haunted Houses Open in the Off Season

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It will be a few months until we update for the Halloween season. In the meantime,  Scream Hollow in Smithville (SE of Austin) will have it’s Summer Monster Bash, on June 10,11,17,18,24,25, from 7pm-midnight. Haunted Mayfield Manor in Galveston, and Ripley’s Haunted Adventure in San Antonio are open all year.

Scream Hollow’s Summer Monster Bash

Scream Hollow, a large Halloween theme park southeast of Austin, will be open in June for six nights. The dates are June 10, 11, 17,18, 24,25. Hours are 7pm-midnight, each night. While you are on their site, check out their Halloween season dates here. This is the earliest I’ve seen a haunted attraction post their September/October dates.

Scream Hollow has five main attractions, Mansion of Terror: Coven, Lost Pines Asylum, Wicked Darkness: The Maze, The Slaughterhouse 2: Lunatik’s Revenge, and Hell on Wheels Haunted Hayride.

While at Scream Hollow, you can visit the Rabid Bat Vampire Bar, Dragon’s Breath Tavern, Cackling Witch Cafe and Bakery, and Madame Tinker’s Magic Emporium. Additionally, there will be live music at the Monster Bash. You can purchase tickets here, and directions are here.

Cutting Edge Opening for Friday the 13th

Cutting Edge will be open for Friday the 13th, on Friday, May 13. It’s great to see Cutting Edge opening during the off season again! It looks like they will be open from 8pm-10pm. You can buy tickets here, and the schedule is here


Hangman’s to Open for Friday the 13th Weekend

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Hangman’s House of Horrors in Ft Worth will be open Friday, May 13th, and Saturday, May 14th. The hours are 8pm to 10:30pm both nights. Tickets are here

House of Torment Halfway to Halloween Special

House of Torment will be open May 13 and 14, for their Halfway to Halloween special. Hours are 7:30pm-midnight. In addition to their haunted attractions, there will be live music, DJs, photo ops, and a new Halloween themed bar called Torment Tavern. You can also shop at the Bootique, with exclusive merchandise. For an additional price, axe throwing, mini escape games, and a “hidden” bar are available. Tickets for the special event can be purchased here.

Paranormal Event at Texas Scaregrounds

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Texas Scaregrounds, in Mineral Wells, is hosting a paranormal event, with guest speakers, on August 13. Speakers include a demonologist, a priest, and a reverend. There will be a “paranormal 101” course to prepare you for the night, then two buildings will be explored. Drinks and snacks will be served. The event is 8pm-1am. Tickets are $40 online and $50 at the door. More info and tickets here.

American Scaregrounds Haunted Attraction

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John and Denea at Waco Haunted Houses celebrated the 30 year anniversary of their haunted house in 2020, but sadly that was their last year operating Waco Haunted Houses, which was formerly known as Museum of Horrors. Age and health led to the sale of the property, which thankfully has been purchased by people who will be opening American Scaregrounds Haunted Attraction on the property this October 1.

Texas Haunts has reviewed Museum or Horrors/Waco Haunted Houses many times, and we look forward to seeing American Scaregrounds this year. It’s located on the northbound I-35 service road, in Elm Mott, which is a little north of Waco. It’s not too far of a drive from DFW or Austin, so be sure to check out this new haunted attraction in October!

Openings and Closings 2021

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Screamworld Houston

Van Buren Frightmare Amarillo

House of Thorn Oklahoma

3 Haunts Houston area

The Sanctuary Oklahoma, possibly back in 2022.

Terror Trails Yantis (East Texas) back in 2022

Texas Maze of Terror Vidor Back in 2022

Terror Trails El Paso area, back in 2022


Screams Opening

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From Screams:

Screams® Halloween Theme Park Returns October 1st!
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (August 10, 2021) – Save the date! Screams® Halloween Theme Park is back for its 25th season Friday and Saturday Nights October 1 – October 30, 2021 to provide the most immersive Halloween experience in D/FW.
Come be a part of the thrills and chills of Screams®! Applications for part-time, seasonal employees are now open for the 2021 season. Looking for extra cash? Screams® is a fun way to earn it! Seasonal positions include actors, food & beverage sales, safety services, front gate & ticket office personnel, games, restroom attendants, grounds crew, souvenir sales, and more.
Applicants of all ages (16+) are invited to apply today at www.screamspark.com/employment and schedule their interview.
Screams® is an equal opportunity employer.
Screams® will hold actor auditions Saturday, August 14th and Saturday August 21st. Screams® job fair for seasonal part time employment will take place on Saturday, August 28th from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm at the Screams® offices located at 2511 FM 66 Waxahachie, TX 75167.
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all Screams® employees will be required to wear protective facemasks and visitors will be strongly encouraged to wear protective facemasks as well. Decorative and/or Halloween masks are not allowed at Screams®.
Screams® has lots of surprises in store for its 25th season, so stay tuned for more details! Screams® 2021 will run Friday and Saturday nights October 1st through October 30th 7:30 pm – 1:00 am at the Scarborough Faire® site in Waxahachie, Tx. The Screams® totally immersive Halloween experience includes 5 haunted houses – each with a different theme – plus a haunted cemetery, live entertainment, Scary-Oke, games of skill, a food court, pubs, shops, and much more for an entire night of Halloween fun!
The admission price is $42 at the gate (for all ages) and includes all 5 haunted houses, the haunted cemetery, live entertainment, and Scary-Oke. Plus, visitors may go through the haunted houses as many times as they like (as the crowds will allow). To cut the wait times in half, they can purchase a VIP Fast Pass for an additional $30. Screams® is designed for ages 16+ and is not recommended for small children. Discount tickets will be available at www.ScreamsPark.com beginning September 7, 2021.
Screams® is sponsored by Dr Pepper. For more information visit ScreamsPark.com or follow us at ScreamsPark on FaceBook, Twitter, or Instagram. Photographs, video, and/or interviews available upon request.

Screams 2021

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Screams Halloween Theme Park will open on October 1, for the first time since 2019. No details are available yet, but it’s likely that the park will open at 7:30pm and will remain open to 1:30am, every Friday and Saturday in October. Five major haunted attractions should return, along with several smaller attractions, the Full Moon Cafe, Taboo Tavern, Scaryoke, live music on the main stage, a food court, games, and merchants.

I haven’t seen Screams in two years, so I’ll be there on opening weekend. If we’re lucky, it will be business as usual everywhere by October and we can have a normal Haloween season!

Scream Hollow Summer Monster Bash

We haven’t had any haunted house news to pass along since the close of last season, due to Covid, but the first haunted house special opening of the year is close! Scream Hollow (southeast of Austin) will be having it’s summer special this June, beginning on June 11. The Summer Monster Bash dates are June 11,12,18,19,25, and the 26th. The hours will be 7pm-midnight on all dates. A new attraction at Scream Hollow this year is the only interactive hayride in Texas, called Hell on Wheels. Hell on Wheels joins four other main attractions: Mansion of Terror: Coven, Lost Pines Asylum, Wicked Darkness: The Maze, and Slaughterhouse 2: Lunatik’s Revenge.

Scream Hollow is a large outdoor Halloween theme park, and has the Rabid Bat Vampire Bar, the Dragon’s Breath Tavern, the Cackling Witch Cafe & Bakery, as well as Madame Tinker’s Magic Emporium gift shop. More detailed info on food and drinks can he found here. Live music will also be a part of the Summer Monster Bash.

Tickets may be purchased here and are $32.95 for admission to the park, and all attractions, or $23.95 for admission to the park and one attraction. A Wolf Pack special is also available; four tickets for all five attractions for $99, which is a $31 savings. There are a limited number of Wolf Pack tickets available.

If you live anywhere close to Austin, or are in the mood for a road trip, Scream Hollow’s Summer Monster Bash sounds like a great night out, or part of a summer vacation!

2021 Is Here

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2021 has arrived, and hopefully, life will return to normal as the year progresses. With any luck, the new vaccines will be effective in reducing the spread of Covid, and the 2021 Halloween season will be pretty much normal. Until then, we’re not likely to see many haunted attractions open for special dates in the off season, but Texas Haunts will keep you up to date on all special openings. Meanwhile, remember that Ripley’s Haunted Adventure (San Antonio) and Haunted Mayfield Manor (Galveston) are open all year.

Haunted Houses Open In The Off Season

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There will be fewer special shows at haunted houses in the off season, due to Covid, but we will keep you updated on openings for Valentine’s Day, and any Friday the 13ths.

Scream Hollow will have it’s Christmas show December 4, 5, 11 , 12 ,18, and 19, from 7-11.

Nightscape Haunted House at Music City Mall in Lewisville is open for Krampus, each Saturday and Sunday afternoon through Christmas.

Ripley’s Haunted Adventure, and Haunted Mayfield Manor are open all year.