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2021 Haunted House Opening Dates

16.09.2021 (12:34 pm) – Filed under: Haunted House Listings,Haunted House Opening Dates

Open All Year

Haunted Mayfield Manor

Ripley’s Haunted Adventure


Opening September 11

Six Flags Fright Fest Park hours are noon-10pm

House of Torment 7pm-10pm


Opening September 17

Scream Hollow 7pm-Midnight

Purgatory Scream Park 8pm-11:30pm

13th Floor 7:30pm-10pm


Opening September 18

The Mortuary 7pm-11pm


Opening September 24

Dark Hour Haunted House 7pm-Midnight

J&F House of Terror 7pm-Midnight

Graystone Haunted Manor 7pm-Midnight

World of Khaos Thrill Park 7pm-Midnight

Doc Wilkes House of Horrors 7:30pm-Midnight

6th Street Massacre 7pm-Midnight

Houston Terrordome 8pm-11pm

Hex House 7pm-11pm

Creepy Hollow Haunted House 7:30pm-Midnight

Haunted Drive 7:30-Midnight.


Opening September 25

Phobia 8pm-11pm

Amarillo Scaregrounds Sneak peak night, ticket booth 7:30pm-9:30pm (7-11:30 regularly)

Dungeon of Doom Sneak peek night, half price, 5pm-10pm

Nightmare on 19th Street 7:30pm-11pm

P-6 Farms 10am-6pm


Opening October 1

Screams 7:30pm-1am

Cutting Edge 8pm-10pm (opens at 7:30pm on October 2)

American Scaregrounds Haunted Attraction (formerly Waco Haunted Houses) 7:30pm-Midnight

13th Gate 6:30pm-11:30pm

Moxley Manor 7:30pm-11:30pm

Texas Scaregrounds 7pm-Midnight

Hangman’s House of Horrors 8pm-Midnight

Haunted Shadows Lake Trail 7:30pm-Midnight

Houston Screamfest 8pm-11pm

Silo of Screams 8pm-11pm

Creekside Manor 7:30-Midnight

Redrum Fear Park 7pm-Midnight

Haunted Trails 8pm-Midnight

Afterlife Haunted Attraction 8pm-11pm

The Asylum Haunted House 7:30pm-11pm

Evil Visions Haunted House 7pm-Midnight

Nightmare in the Country 8pm-11pm

Yesterland Farm Spooktacular Nights Dark until 10pm

Nightmare on Main Street 7:30pm-10pm

Zombie Safari 7pm-10pm

Parker House 8pm-11pm

Zip Line With Zombies Reservations required, day and night reservations available. Call 903 968 6924.

Fright Night Haunted House 7pm-11pm

Redrum Fear Park 7pm-Midnight

Psycho Path Haunted Attraction 8pm-Midnight. Tickets online only.

Tree Farm Massacre 7pm-Midnight

The Blackness Haunted House 7:30pm-11pm

Dark Woods Haunted Attraction Ticket booth opens at 7, park at 7:30, ticket booth closes at 11.


Opening October 2

Rise Haunted House 7pm-10pm


Opening October 8

Thrillvania 8:30 pm-10pm

Haunting on the Blue Ghost 7pm-10:30pm


Opening October 15

Defcon 1 and Circus of the Dead 7pm-Midnight

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