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Final Update on Halloween Merchandise

12.09.2021 (9:27 pm) – Filed under: Halloween News

Due to production and massive supply chain problems, there is about half as much Halloween merchandise at most stores this year. Michael’s and At Home have been hit the hardest, and Party City is just now beginning to stock their shelves. Home Depot is the only store with about the same amount of Halloween items as usual, and they have a great selection this year. Spirit is trying, and has creative themes for 2021, but they haven’t been able to stock as much merchandise as usual, and are especially low on animatronics. Lowe’s and Hallmark have less than normal, but a decent selection, by their standards. Target and Walmart are getting their shelves stocked now, but they probably will have less than in 2020.

Lemax is in incredibly short supply in 2021. Michael’s had very little Lemax this year, and are almost completely sold out of Lemax in stores. If you want any of the 2021 Lemax Spookytown line, you will probably have to order it online.

I had hoped for a return to normal with Halloween merchandise in 2021, but it look like that won’t happen until next year.

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