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2021 Halloween Season

08.07.2021 (7:58 pm) – Filed under: Halloween News,Site News

It looks like things are returning to normal, so the outlook for the 2021 Halloween season is bright. I was surprised by how many haunted attractions opened last year, and it looks like the rest will reopen this year. I expect that Halloween parties and movie theaters will be back to normal in 2021 as well. The new Halloween movie, which had been scheduled for last year, will be out in October. There may be some mask requirements, but I’m thinking that most places will allow vaccinated people to not wear masks, and will use the honor system for that.

Halloween is on a Sunday this year, which is my favorite night for Halloween. Halloween on Saturday is great, but with Sunday, you get to celebrate all weekend long. Haunted house opening dates and the statewide listings will be updated in late July. The first haunted attractions of the year will be opening in mid September, so hopefully we can all make up for last year’s hamstrung season!

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