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Scream Hollow and 13th Floor Opening This Weekend

16.09.2020 (10:07 pm) – Filed under: Haunted House News,Haunted House Opening Dates

Scream Hollow, a Halloween park southeast of Austin, and 13th Floor, a large haunted house in San Antonio, are opening September 18.

Scream Hollow is a large haunt park, with four haunted attractions, a bar, a cafe/bakery, and a gift shop. It’s located in Bastrop County, close to the town of Smithville. It’s about 30 minutes southeast of Austin. Directions are here. Tickets are here. This is their Facebook. I have never been to Scream Hollow, but it’s at the top of my list of places to see. It sounds a lot like Screams, which is a great haunt park. Speaking of Screams, since they are closed this year, Scream Hollow is your best bet for a similar experience, so go if you can make the trip. If you live in that part of Texas, definitely go. Scream Hollow is spread out over 20 acres, they have plenty of space for social distancing, and they are taking all Covid precautions. Scream Hollow is open Friday, September 18, and Saturday, September 19, from 7pm-Midnight. They are open Sunday, September 20, from 6pm-10pm.

13th Floor is part of a nationwide group of haunted houses that includes House of Torment in Austin. I haven’t been to 13th Floor, but I have been to it’s sister haunt, House of Torment, which is excellent. 13th Floor has an impressive list of Covid precautions, and they are limiting ticket sales this year, so please buy your tickets in advance. Tickets are here, this is their Facebook, and their list of Covid precautions is here. 13th Floor is open on Friday, September 18, and Saturday, September 19, from 7:30pm-10pm.

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