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Lemax Spooky Town 2020

26.07.2020 (7:37 pm) – Filed under: Halloween News

Michaels has put the 2020 Lemax Spooky Town line out on display in it’s stores, nationwide. This is the 20th anniversary of the launch of the Spooky Town Collection, and this year’s line is the best since at least 2008. Here is the regular Spooky Town 2020 line, and here are the Michaels exclusives.

Lemax is ridiculously expensive at regular price, so I wait for the Michaels annual Labor Day sale, when they give out a coupon that can be used for all items in their stores, including items already at reduced price. Michaels begins marking down Lemax in late August, in most years, so I get roughly 40%-45% off of the regular price for Lemax by combining Michaels Labor Day coupon with the mark down of Lemax items. You could wait until late September for Lemax at Michaels to be marked down to over 50% off, but by then nearly all of the good stuff is sold out. Make sure that you are on Michaels email list so that you will receive their Labor Day coupon. They only send those to their email list.

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