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Update on the 2020 Season

30.07.2020 (7:10 pm) – Filed under: Halloween News

This is the time of year when I ordinarily update the statewide haunted house listings, and begin posting haunted house opening dates. You can see the statewide haunted house listings here, but I won’t be posting haunted house opening dates until early September. At this point, the only Texas haunted attraction that has cancelled it’s 2020 season is Screams. However, no haunted attraction can be certain of opening in 2020, and won’t be certain of being able to open until at least early September.

2020 is unprecedented, thanks to Covid. We aren’t sure of how much of an impact Covid will have on the Halloween season, beyond haunted houses. Halloween parties, trick or treating, seeing horror movies in theaters, and other activities such as pumpkin festivals, may be impacted. We can be certain that stores that carry Halloween related merchandise (Spirit, Michaels, At Home, Party City, etc) will be open. At the very least, you will be able to visit “real” haunted sites, watch horror and scifi movies and TV shows at home, and decorate your home. Anything beyond that will have to be viewed as a bonus this year.

Speaking of “real” haunted sites, or paranormal sites, if you prefer, we will be posting a list of such sites in Texas and surrounding states. We do have a list of stores that carry Halloween merchandise here, but we will be posting an updated list soon. The first Spirit store openings will be on August 8, and will continue on a rolling basis into early September. We will keep you informed of new developments in the 2020 season as they happen, so keep checking back.

Spirit Locations Have Been Announced

27.07.2020 (4:46 pm) – Filed under: Halloween News

In another promising sign for the 2020 Halloween season, Spirit has announced most of it’s store locations for 2020. This is not a full listing, so keep checking their site for added locations. Check here for their locations.


Screams 2020 Is Cancelled

27.07.2020 (4:41 pm) – Filed under: Halloween News,Haunt News,Screams

It is incredibly difficult for me to write this, but Screams just announced that they have cancelled their 2020 season. I will post their full press release below. I was greatly looking forward to seeing everyone at Screams, and especially Helaine, the Screams/Scarborough marketing director, Cheltsea and Michael at the Full Moon Cafe, and Tai.

As anyone who visits this site knows, Screams is my favorite theme park (of any kind) and the Halloween season will not be the same without it. It would have been extra difficult for Screams to have opened, given that they sell a great deal of food and drink, and in the end, management made a decision in the interest of the safety of Screams employees and guests. As sad as this is, I am already looking forward to Screams 2021!

Below is the Screams announcement.

2020 Season Canceled
Due to the continuing COVID-19 health crisis and on-going outbreaks, Screams® Halloween Theme Park has made the difficult decision to cancel Screams® 2020 season for the first time in its 25-year history. Screams® 2020 season was scheduled to run Friday and Saturday Nights October 2 – October 31, 2020.
During this unprecedented time, the owners and management of Screams® considered many options and scenarios to safely conduct the Screams® 2020 season. They came to the determination that cancelling Screams® is the most responsible course of action to ensure the health and safety of its staff, employees, participants, patrons, and community.
Screams® is extremely disappointed in the cancellation of its 2020 season but plans to be back in the Fall of 2021 bigger and better than ever to celebrate its 25th season!
We wish each of you good health and hope that the COVID-19 will be contained and eradicated in the coming months.
Screams® Owners and Management

Lemax Spooky Town 2020

26.07.2020 (7:37 pm) – Filed under: Halloween News

Michaels has put the 2020 Lemax Spooky Town line out on display in it’s stores, nationwide. This is the 20th anniversary of the launch of the Spooky Town Collection, and this year’s line is the best since at least 2008. Here is the regular Spooky Town 2020 line, and here are the Michaels exclusives.

Lemax is ridiculously expensive at regular price, so I wait for the Michaels annual Labor Day sale, when they give out a coupon that can be used for all items in their stores, including items already at reduced price. Michaels begins marking down Lemax in late August, in most years, so I get roughly 40%-45% off of the regular price for Lemax by combining Michaels Labor Day coupon with the mark down of Lemax items. You could wait until late September for Lemax at Michaels to be marked down to over 50% off, but by then nearly all of the good stuff is sold out. Make sure that you are on Michaels email list so that you will receive their Labor Day coupon. They only send those to their email list.

Michaels and At Home Are Stocking Halloween Merchandise

13.07.2020 (1:45 pm) – Filed under: Halloween News

At Home (formerly known as Gardenridge) and Michaels have begun to stock Halloween decorations. At Home and Michaels usually have most of their Halloween decorations on shelves by late July. Both stores have an excellent selection of Halloween merchandise, and Michaels is the main distributor of Lemax Spookytown. Michaels currently has a 20% off coupon on their site for use on regular price, in store purchases. This sale runs through August 1.