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Waco Haunted Houses to Open for Friday the 13th in March

16.02.2020 (9:29 am) – Filed under: Haunted House Listings,Haunted House News

Waco Haunted Houses, in Elm Mott, just north of Waco, is the first haunted house to announce that they will be open for Friday the 13th in March. I had a great time reviewing this haunt last October, and you can read the review here. There are two haunted houses on the grounds, plus a gift shop. Waco Haunted Houses is located off of the access road for northbound I-35, between Waco and West, and yes, West is the name of a town. The address is 14656 I-35 N Elm Mott, Texas 7664, their phone is 254 826 7473, and you can also check their Facebook. It’s great for people in the Waco and Waxahachie areas, and is within easy driving distance of DFW and Austin.

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