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Happy Halloween!

29.10.2019 (7:23 pm) – Filed under: Halloween Links

Happy Halloween from Texas Haunts! We hope you have a great time, and to help with that, here is a rundown of what there is to do on Halloween.

Haunted Houses-Aside from Screams, all haunted attractions are open for Halloween. Check our statewide haunted house listings for times. Generally, haunted houses close earlier on Halloween, usually around 10pm.

Parties/Trick or Treating/Other Events-Check our listing of Halloween events and other Halloween activities for everything other than haunted houses and movies.

Movies-Most¬†Alamo Drafthouses, Angelikas Dallas and Plano, Texas Theater, and some Studio Movie Grills have vintage horror movies playing on Halloween. Zombieland Doubletap and Countdown are in wide release.¬†Check our horror movie listings for showtimes and links to each theater. Check the theater’s site to verify the showtime late morning or early afternoon. I can’t stress this enough because theaters sometimes make last minute changes to showtimes.

For at home entertainment, AMC has Fearfest, TCM has vintage horror movies, SYFY has the final day of 31 Days of Halloween, Travel Channel has Ghostober, Freeform has 31 Nights of Halloween, Food Channel and Disney Channel have Halloween shows, and most other networks and channels will have some genre programming on Halloween. Check our listing of horror movies and shows for more information.

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