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Recommended Haunted Houses

16.10.2019 (2:27 pm) – Filed under: Haunted House Listings

With the Halloween season entering it’s final phase, I thought I would post a list of haunted attractions that I personally recommend. Keep in mind that I live in the DFW area and mostly see haunted houses around here, so most of the recommended haunts will be in this region.

Screams-A great haunted park with five major attractions, games, merchants, and lots of options for food and alcohol at three pubs, plus a full service bar and cafe.

Cutting Edge-A huge haunted house in downtown Fort Worth. As good a haunted house as you will find anywhere, it takes over half an hour to go through it.

Thrillvania-A large haunt park in Terrell, about 30 minutes east of downtown Dallas. Three attractions, including the famous Verdun Manor.

Texas Scaregrounds-A haunted house in a haunted hospital, in Mineral Wells, west of Fort Worth. It’s a fun, intense house, and it’s nestled in an area with major paranormal hotspots. You can combine Texas Scaregrounds with a ghost hunt in the old hospital it’s in, as well as the nearby Baker Hotel.

Waco Haunted Houses-Two attractions and a nice gift shop on the northbound access road of I-35. a little north of Waco. These are great looking haunted houses, and everyone has fun here, including the actors.

Dark Hour-Fantastic props and decor, and first rate actors make this Plano haunted house one of the best in the country.

Scream Hollow-A huge haunt park southeast of Austin with multiple attractions, and a cafe and bar.

Screamworld-If you are in the Houston area, this is a must see haunted attraction.

13th Gate-World famous, and deservedly so. The best haunt in Louisiana, by far. People travel from all over the country to see 13th Gate.

House of Torment in Austin and San Antonio’s 13th Floor-Owned by the same company, they feature movie quality sets, props, costumes, and makeup.


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