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Waco Haunted Houses Review

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September 28, 2019

Score 9.5

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Phone 254 826 7473

LocationĀ 14656 I-35 NĀ Elm Mott, Texas 76640

Directions- On the northbound access road for I-35, about 10 minutes north of Waco, in Elm Mott. Take exit 345, you will see red lights on the buildings.

Facilities-Two haunted houses (Dead Zone, Chainsaw Nightmare) and a gift shop. Music is played through a large tower. There is a karaoke stage and an ATM.

Dates open October 5-6, 12-13, 19-20. Nightly October 26-Halloween. November 1 and 2. Open 8pm-midnight.

Admission-$22 for adults and $13 for under 10.

Promotions-Grand opening weekend October 5-6, featuring a free t-shirt with four paid admissions. Heart of Texas Pro Wrestling Food Drive October 12-13, with $2 off with 2 cans of food. October 19 is the Carter Blood Drive, with a free t-shirt and free admission for one pint of blood. The Carter Blood Drive is not to be confused with the Dracula Blood Drive, which features the far less generous offer of one free admission for all of your blood. October 25 and 26 is Zombie Karaoke weekend, with a free t-shirt for singing. October 30 and Halloween is the Halloween celebration. November 1 and 2 is the Day of the Dead weekend.

Parking-Parking is free

Miscellaneous-Wear shoes or boots with good traction since the floor in the Chainsaw Nightmare really is ground, and is uneven in some areas. Wear something cool since it looks like a pretty warm October is coming. If it does cool down, remember that this is in the country, so it will be cooler than in DFW or Austin. A nice gift shop is on the grounds. It has costumes, props, decor, t-shirts, and Halloween music CDs. The gift shop is cash only. There is an ATM by the music tower.

Walk through time-Varies, depending on your group. There is a large lobby (Museum of Horrors) before the Dead Zone haunted house. A guide leads you through the Museum, and gives information about local urban legends. Generally, the two haunted houses take around 20-25 minutes to go through, combined.


Waco Haunted Houses is a haunt park in Central Texas, in the village of Elm Mott, just north of Waco. It features two haunted houses (Dead Zone and Chainsaw Nightmare) as well as a gift shop and karaoke stage. Museum of Horrors, in the lobby of Dead Zone, has a large collection of life sized characters from horror movies, and macabre art. I like the gift shop because it has a wide range of props, decorations, costumes, souvenirs, t-shirts, and Halloween CDs. I’m probably forgetting some items they have. The gift shop is definitely worth a look. They have some things I haven’t seen before, and I go to Halloween shops all the time. Just make sure to bring cash, or go to the ATM by the music tower. The gift shop is cash only. Speaking of the music tower, it really is a tower. It’s two stories high and plays Halloweenish music all night. The karaoke stage is next to the line for the Dead Zone, and roaming actors entertain guests in line. One of the great things about this park is that you’re never bored. Even on busy nights, you’ll have plenty to occupy you while you’re in line.

Before you enter Dead Zone, a guide leads you through the Museum, with stories of local urban legends, then hands you off to the executioner, who explains methods of execution, before frying an unfortunate soul in the Museum’s electric chair. After that, you begin the Dead Zone.

Dead Zone is a dark haunt, with dim, moody lighting and occasional bursts of light from props, which never failed to startle the group I was with. Like Chainsaw Nightmare, there isn’t much space in the walkways, so there is also a claustrophobic effect. Speaking of claustrophobic, they have a huge prop called a claustrophobe, which you have to squeeze through. While in it, you’re surrounded by it’s walls, and they put some pressure on your body. If you start to freak out, turn sideways and walk through. That always makes getting out of a claustrophobe faster and easier.

Dead Zone has an eclectic array of scenes and props. There are no empty areas in Dead Zone. There are props or actors everywhere. The attention to detail in the decor is also first rate. This house has been around for a long time, and I’m guessing that it’s added onto year after year. I don’t like to give away too many details, but I will say that I really enjoyed the school bus, and the poor guy chained to a wall gave a great performance. Movie characters from 80’s slasher films and clowns are probably the staples of Dead Zone. The clowns are both irritating and frightening. They got my group to scream a few times, and they would not stop coming after us until we were well clear of their area. My favorite part was the horror movie zone. The actors do a good job of blending in with the life sized characters, so you never know what is real, until it jumps out at you.

Actors in Dead Zone and Chainsaw Nightmare seem to be sensitive to the age of guests. They will pull back with younger guests, and older ones who are having a difficult time. The tour guide in the Museum spoke with one member of our group who didn’t really want to go through, due to fear, and then pointed out the exit for her. These are high intensity haunted houses, but they are safe to bring younger kids to.

After exiting the Dead Zone, you go to Chainsaw Nightmare. This haunt is a little different from most places. The floor is dirt. It’s uneven. You won’t fall down, but it’s natural and adds to the theme of the place. Imagine if Texas Chainsaw Nightmare (the original, not the remake) had been set in the late 1800’s and you’ll understand this haunted house. I’m tempted to describe the decor as Old West Gothic, but it’s more rustic than that. It really feels like you’re in a different century when you walk through. Again, I don’t like to give away too many details, but I have to mention the scenes at the entrance. With dim reddish lighting around you, you see fire and a demonic creature on a raised area, looking down at you. That really set the mood for the rest of the house. This is also a very dark haunt, and the wooden fencing is narrow at times. There is a difference in elevation in parts of Chainsaw Nightmare, which adds to the fun. Creepy doesn’t begin to describe the atmosphere here. I’ve been through haunted houses all over Texas, and this placed unnerved me.

The actors in Chainsaw Nightmare really get into their roles. They have great costumes and make the most of the terrain when they sneak up on you. I usually don’t like chainsaws (they tend to be used as a means of getting you to exit the house quickly) but the actor with the chainsaw did a fantastic job! He came so close to me that I thought he was going to hit me with the chainsaw, and pulled back at the last second. The actors won’t touch, but they manage to get so close that they may as well be touching you. Second haunted houses are sometimes an afterthought, but Chainsaw Nightmare is fun from beginning to end, and is something that you will remember long after you drive away from the park.

In addition to great haunted houses, Waco Haunted Houses also has great prices. $22 for 10 and over, and $13 for under 10 is a bargain today. There are also discount weekends (see above in Promotions) and each weekend has a theme or promotion. It’s great for people living in Waco and Temple, and I didn’t mind the drive from Dallas, considering how much fun I had. Austin is well within range too. This haunt park has a real Halloween festival feel to it. I hadn’t visited since 2011, and I’m definitely going back next year. I’m sure you will have a great time here, so check the list of remaining dates and promotions above, and come out to see Waco Haunted Houses!




These are a few of the photos that I took on my visit. I took over 100 pics, but as I mentioned, these are dark, atmospheric haunted houses, and the park itself is kept pretty dark in most areas. That makes for a haunt park that feels like Halloween, but it’s not great if you’re taking pictures without flash photography. You can check out their Facebook page for hundreds of much better pics.




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