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Halloween Week

28.10.2018 (7:15 pm) – Filed under: Haunt News,Site News

The weekend is almost over, but remember that, with the exception of Screams, all haunted attractions will be open on Halloween, and many will be open Monday, and/or Tuesday. Check my haunted attractions listings for haunted houses in your area. Click on the link and go to the haunt’s site to check for hours, as haunted houses have hours this week that differ from their regular hours.

There are some Halloween parties Sunday night, the Church has the largest, and there are a few Halloween events on Monday and Tuesday, but most of the remaining Halloween parties and events will be on Halloween day and night. Check my Halloween events listing for more information. It’s in chronological order, to make it easier to search.

The new Halloween is in theaters now, and it’s pretty good, though not as good as the original. Speaking of the original Halloween, Alamo Drafthouse has it playing on Halloween night at it’s locations. There are lots of classic horror movies playing at Alamo, Movie Tavern, Studio Movie Grill, Angelika, and the Granada this week, plus lots of movies and shows on television, so take a look at my movie and TV listing for showtimes and horror marathons on TV.

The weather will be nice this week, so get out and do something while the season lasts!

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