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Ripley’s San Antonio and Haunted Mayfield Manor Now Open Daily

18.06.2020 (12:29 am) – Filed under: Haunted House News

After a break for Covid, Ripley’s Haunted Adventure (in San Antonio) and Haunted Mayfield Manor (Galveston) are open daily again. It will be interesting to see how smoothly these haunts operate during the summer. If business is good, other haunted attractions could decide to open for the Halloween season. Updates on these haunts will be posted in July. For now, if you are going to be in San Antonio or Galveston, check these attractions out. Both are well regarded. Please remember to protect yourself from Covid while you are in public.

Dark Hour Cancels Summer Show

11.06.2020 (8:27 am) – Filed under: Haunted House News

Dark Hour Haunted House in Plano has cancelled it’s annual Dog Days of Summer show, which is held in July. Hopefully Covid will not prevent haunts from opening for the Halloween season. We will post an update about the upcoming season in July.