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Full Moon Bar at Screams

02.10.2022 (4:58 am) – Filed under: Screams

Full Moon Bar and Cafe has the only full bar and is the only full service café at Screams. The bartenders are Cheltsey and Michael, and the server is Jessica, although Jessica works on Saturdays only. Full Moon is located on the far side of the food court, between the Morgue Tavern, and Taboo Tavern. There is usually plenty of seating, although it can become crowded later on a Saturday night. Full Moon’s décor and dim lighting is ideal for a Halloween park. It’s a nice place to relax, eat, and enjoy Halloween themed drinks, or any other type of liquor.

I’ve tried all of the Halloween drinks at Full Moon. The Werewolf is the strongest, but it has a pleasant taste. Witches’ Brew tasted like root beer. Poison Apple tastes like a caramel apple dusted in cinnamon. “It” is probably the sweetest of the drinks, but has a kick to it. Dracula’s Kiss is my favorite. It’s great for cooling off on a warm night, and it’s strong enough to be worth the price. Of course, this is a full bar and both bartenders are excellent, so they can make a wide variety of mixed drinks. Beer is also available.

The menu at Full Moon is a little scaled down this year, but everything they make is good. I had all of the items on the menu over opening weekend. I had the street tacos and buffalo chicken wings the first night, and both were very good. On the second night I had the cheeseburger and fries, bacon cheese fries, and toasted ravioli. The toasted ravioli was my favorite, the bacon cheese fries were a close second, and the cheeseburger and fries were good.

Be sure to stop by Full Moon Bar and Cafe when you visit Screams. Keep in mind that last call for alcohol is at 11:30pm.


Specialty Drinks:

Witches’ Brew (tastes like a root beer float)

Poison Apple (tastes like cinnamon apple)

Dracula’s Kiss (strong, but refreshing)

The Werewolf (six types of alcohol)

It (sweet drink)



Bacon Cheese Fries

Street Tacos

Toasted Ravioli

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Cheeseburger and Fries



Deep Ellum IPA



Bud Light





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