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Movies and TV October 2018

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I thought I would add something new this year, a listing of horror movies and TV shows for October. In addition to first run theatrical releases, I will include vintage horror movies playing at local theaters in DFW. This list will be updated frequently, so check back.

Syfy’s 31 Days of Halloween. Starting October 1, running through Halloween. 31 Days has a mixture of Syfy originals, reruns of genre TV shows, and mainstream horror movies. ZNation, Channel Cove, Van Helsing, and The Magicians have season premieres in October.  There doesn’t appear to be a full schedule for 31 Days. Syfy’s daily schedule is here.

AMC’s Fear Fest. It isn’t what it used to be, but it’s still worth watching. It looks like AMC has decided to include some classic genre movies in the early AM. This site has printed out the entire Fear Fest schedule on this page.

Freeform has a more kid friendly lineup of genre movies, called 31 Nights of Halloween. There are some pretty good movies on their schedule, but don’t expect something like Hellraiser. Their schedule is here.

The Food Channel has an interesting show called Halloween Wars. It’s a reality show that features teams competing against each other to create the best edible Halloween display in the category chosen by the hosts. The teams include pumpkin carvers and pastry chefs. The show’s page on the Food Channel site is here.

Turner Classic Movies has it’s annual month long horror fest running again this year. It’s full schedule is here.

The Disney Channel has it’s kids friendly Monstober again this October. A partial schedule is here. This schedule is updated frequently, so check back for updates.

I get a lot of my information from a site called Halloween Movies on TV. They are a comprehensive resource, and the site is updated daily. Their home page is here.

New Feature Film Releases

Currently in theaters-Hellfest, The House With a Clock In It’s Walls, and The Predator.

October 5-Venom. Ok, not a horror movie, but it looks like a damn good comic book movie. Opening wide on the evening of October 4, after 7pm.

October 12-Bad Times at the El Royale and Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween. Bad Times is more of a thriller, but it looks interesting and has a good cast. Goosebumps 2 is aimed at kids, and adults with kids.

October 19-Halloween (2018). This is the one we have all been waiting for. This is a direct sequel to the original Halloween. It ignores the 2,617 Halloween sequels and remakes made after the original. The trailer looks great, and early word is that it won’t disappoint. Opening wide on the evening of October 18, after 7pm.

October 26-Suspiria (2018). This is a remake of the 70’s classic. It may not be opening wide, so check local listings. The puzzling thing is that Hollywood has decided to not open a genre movie wide on the Friday before Halloween this year. They have done so every year since at least 2013, and the movies have generally done well. I’m saving the Halloween sequel for this weekend, instead of watching it when it opens.


Vintage genre films playing in DFW

Always check showtimes on the theater’s site the day of the showing. Theaters sometimes make last minute changes to showtimes.


Inwood Theater. The Inwood is one of the oldest theaters in Texas. It’s located in Inwood Village, at the southeast corner of Inwood and Lovers, in North Dallas. It’s just west of the Dallas North Tollway, and just south of Northwest Highway. Inwood has had midnight movies playing on Friday and Saturday since the 2000’s, and they are playing all genre at midnight in October. It’s best to arrive early for the midnight showings in October, in order to get a good seat. The Inwood Lounge, a full bar, connects to the theater lobby, and the theater has good concessions, with alcohol. The Inwood’s site is here. All showtimes are midnight.

October 5th and 6th-Bubba Ho-Tep. A 2003 classic starring Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis, about Elvis Presley living in an East Texas retirement home. Elvis (Campbell) teams up with a fellow resident (Davis) to battle an evil Egyptian entity.

October 12th and 13th-The original Halloween. If you don’t know what this movie is about, you shouldn’t be on this site.

October 19th and 20th-The Hills Have Eyes. The original 1977 movie about a vacationing family who encounter a clan of cannibals in a remote part of the Southwest.

October 26th and 27th. The Rocky Horror Picture Show, featuring a live shadow cast.


Alamo Drafthouse. There are now several Alamos in DFW, with locations in Richardson, Cedars (close to Downtown), Las Colinas, Lake Highlands, and Denton. Alamo has reserved seating, a full menu, and a full bar. Some of their showings are movie parties, with a host and interactive items passed out to the crowd. Do not be late. Alamo won’t seat after the show’s start time.


Alamo Cedars

Monday, October 1-Tremors at 7:45pm

Tuesday, October 2-Videodrome at 7:45pm

Wednesday, October 3-Donnie Darko at 7:45pm

Friday, October 5-Beetlejuice Movie Party at 7pm

Sunday, October 7-Dracula (1931) at 3:55pm

Monday, October 8-Christine at 7pm

Tuesday, October 9-The Love Witch at 7pm

Friday, October 12- The Rocky Horror Picture Show Movie Party at 9:30pm

Sunday, October 14-Frankenstein&Bride of Frankenstein Double Feature at 11:55am

Monday, October 15-John Carpenter’s Vampires at 7pm

Wednesday, October 17-Night of the Demons at 7pm

Thursday, October 18-The original Halloween at 6pm.

Friday, October 19-The Shining Movie Party at 7pm

Sunday, October 21-The Mummy (1932) at 4:15pm

Monday, October 22-The Thing (1982) at 7pm

Friday, October 26-The Fog 4K restoration at 9pm

Saturday, October 27 The Fog 4K restoration at 9pm

Sunday, October 28- The Invisible Man at 4pm, The Fog 4K restoration at 9pm

Monday, October 29-The Fog 4K restoration at 7pm

Halloween- Advance sceening of Suspiria (2018) at 7pm, the original Halloween at 7:30pm


Alamo Lake Highlands

Sunday, October 7-Frankenstein&Bride of Frankenstein Double Feature at 3:55pm

Monday, October 8-The Thing (1982) at 7pm

Tuesday, October 9-Beetlejuice-7pm

Wednesday, October 10-Night of the Demons (1988) at 7pm

Sunday, October 14-The Mummy (1932) at 4pm

Monday, October 15-The Love Witch at 7pm

Tuesday, October 16- The Rocky Horror Picture Show Movie Party at 7pm

Thursday, October 18-The original Halloween at 5:20pm

Sunday, October 21-The Invisible Man at 4:15pm

Monday, October 22-Christine at 7pm

Tuesday, October 23-The Shining Movie Party at 7pm

Wednesday, October 24-Donnie Darko at 7pm, Videodrome at 9pm

Friday, October 26-The Fog at 9pm

Saturday, October 27-The Fog at 9pm

Sunday, October 28- The Wolfman (original) at 4pm, The Fog at 9pm

Monday, October 29-The Fog at 7pm

Tuesday, October 30-Halloween Horror Mixtape at 9pm

Halloween-The original Halloween at 9:15pm


Alamo Richardson

Monday, October 1-The Thing (1982) at 6:05pm

Thursday, October 4-The Rocky Horror Picture Show Movie Party at 9pm

Sunday, October 7-Scars of Dracula at 4:15pm

Tuesday, October 9-Creature From The Black Lagoon at 7pm

Wednesday, October 10-Cabin in the Woods at 7pm, Donnie Darko at 9pm

Thursday, October 11-The Shining Movie Party at 6:45pm

Saturday, October 12-The Evil Dead Marathon at 2:30pm

Wednesday, October 17-Prince of Darkness at 9pm

Thursday, October 18-Halloween (1978) at 4:20pm

Sunday, October 21-Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde at 3:45pm

Monday, October 22-Videodrome at 7pm, John Carpenter’s Vampires at 9:10pm

Tuesday, October 23-Pumpkinhead at 9pm

Wednesday, October 24 Night of the Demons at 7pm, The Love Witch at 9:05pm

Thursday, October 25-Beetlejuice Movie Party at 7pm, In the Mouth of Madness at 9:05

Friday, October 26-The Fog 4K restoration at 9pm

Saturday, October 27-Dismember the Alamo at noon

Sunday, October 28-Mad Monster Cereal Party at 10am, Blood From The Mummy’s Tomb at 4:05pm, The Fog 4K restoration at 6:50pm

Monday, October 29-Practical Magic Movie Party at 7pm,The Fog 4K restoration at 8:10pm

Tuesday, October 30-Ghostbusters (1984) at 7pm, It Clown Screening at 9pm

Halloween-Advance screening of Suspiria (2018) at 7pm, Halloween (1978) at 7:30pm


Alamo Denton

Monday, October 1-John Carpenter’s Vampires at 6:30pm

Tuesday, October 2-The Horror of Frankenstein at 6:30pm

Sunday, October 7-The Invisible Man at 1:50pm

Monday, October 8-Cabin the Woods at 7pm

Tuesday, October 9-Scars of Dracula at 7pm

Wednesday, October 10-Donnie Darko at 7pm

Saturday, October 13-Rocky Horror Picture Show with shadow cast at 10pm

Sunday, October 14-The Wolf Man (1932) at 4:15pm

Monday, October 15th-The Thing (1982) at 7pm

Thuesday, October 16-Videodrome at 7pm, Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde at 9pm

Wednesday, October 17-The Love Witch at 7pm

Thursday, October 18-Halloween (1978) at 4:20pm

Saturday, October 20-The Shining Movie Party at 10pm

Sunday, October 21-Dracula (1931) at 4pm

Tuesday, October 23-Blood From The Mummy’s Tomb at 9pm

Wednesday, October 24-Tremors at 7pm, Night of the Demons at 9pm

Thursday, October 25-Creature From The Black Lagoon at 7pm

Friday, October 26-The Fog 4k restoration at 9pm

Saturday, October 27-Beetlejuide Movie Party at 7pm, The Fog 4K restoration at 9pm

Sunday, October 28-Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein at 4:35pm, The Fog 4K restoration at 9pm

Monday, October 29-The Fog 4k restoration at 7:10pm, Halloween Mixtape at 8:15pm

Tuesday, October 30-Pumpkinhead at 7:10pm and 9pm

Halloween-Advance screening of Suspiria (2018) at 7pm, Halloween (1978) at 9pm


Alamo Las Colinas

Monday, October 1-The Shining Movie Party at 7:35

Tuesday, October 2-Tremors at 7:30pm

Wednesday, October 3-Night of the Demons at 7:35pm

Sunday, October 7-The Wolf Man (1932) at 1pm

Tuesday, October 9-Cabin in the Woods at 7pm

Sunday, October 14-Dracula (1931) at 3:55pm

Monday, October 15-Beetlejuice movie party at 9pm

Tuesday, October 16-Christine at 9pm

Wednesday, October 17-Donnie Darko at 9:10pm

Thursday, October 18-Halloween (1978) at 4:20pm

Saturday, October 20-Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with Kristy Swanson Live at 8pm

Sunday, October 21-Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein at 3:10pm

Monday, October 22-The Rocky Horror Picture Show Movie Party at 7pm

Tuesday, October 23-The Love Witch at 7pm

Friday, October 26-The Fog 4K restoration at 9:05pm

Saturday, October 27-The Fog 4K restoration at 9:05pm

Sunday, October 28-The Mummy (1932) at 3:15, The Fog 4k restoration at 9:05pm

Monday, October 29-The Fog 4K restoration at 7pm, Videodrome at 8:10pm

Tuesday, October 30-The Thing (1982) at 7:10pm

Halloween-Advance Screening Suspiria (2018) at 7pm, Halloween (1978) at 9pm


Texas Theater. This is an extremely old theater, and it could stand to be remodeled, but it has an interesting lineup for October. It also has a full bar, and is located 3 blocks from the Bishop Arts District, in the Jefferson Blvd shopping district.

Tuesday, October 2-HauntedWeen at 9:15

Saturday, October 6-Evil Dead 4K restoration at 7pm, Fulci’s Zombie 4K restoration at 9pm

Thursday, October 18- 35mm Killer Klowns From Outer Space at 8pm, with music behind the screen

Thursday, October 25-Halloween (1978) at 9:15pm

Friday, October 26-The Fog at 7pm, Halloween (1978) at 9:15pm

Saturday, October 27-Trick or Treat (1986), with behind the screen performances at 8pm. Dress code-Halloween appropriate.

Sunday, October 29-Psycho, showing at the Majestic Theater

Tuesday, October 30-Nosferatu, with a live orchestra

Halloween-Suspiria 4K with live ballet


Granada Theater Rooftop Movie Nights

Every Wednesday night the Granada Theater in Lower Greenville shows a movie on it’s rooftop, for free. It’s all genre in October. The Granada has a full bar and menu.

Wednesday-October 3-Ghostbusters at 8:30, doors open at 7pm

Wednesday, October 10-Edward Scissorhands at 8:30, doors open at 7pm

Wednesday, October 17-Young Frankenstein at 8:30, doors open at 7pm

Wednesday, October 24-Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) at 8:30, doors open at 7pm.

Halloween-Hocus Pocus at 8:30pm, doors open at 7pm


Movie Tavern-A chain of dinner and a movie places in Texas. Several locations in DFW. It’s theaters have Fright Nights in October on Friday and Saturday, featuring classic horror movies.


Arlington Green Oaks.

Friday, October 5th-Phantasm at 10:30pm

Saturday, October 6th-Phantasm at 10:30pm

Wednesday, October 10-Halloween (1978) at 2pm and 6pm

Friday, October 12th-Suspiria (1977) at 11pm

Saturday, October 13th-Suspiria (1977) at 11pm

Friday, October 19th-Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) at 10:30pm

Saturday, October 20th -Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) at 10:30pm

Friday, October 26th-Shaun of the Dead at 10:30pm

Saturday, October 27th-Shaun of the Dead at 10:30pm

Sunday, October 28-The Shining at 2pm and 6pm

Halloween-The Shining at 2pm and 6pm



Friday, October 5th, and Saturday, October 6th-Phantasm at 10:30pm

Wednesday, October 10-Halloween (1978) at 2pm and 5:30pm

Friday, October 12th, and Saturday, October 13th-Suspiria (1977) at 10:30pm

Friday October 19th, and Saturday, October 20-Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) at 10:30pm

Friday, October 26, and Saturday, October 27-Shaun of the Dead at 11pm

Sunday, October 28-The Shining at 3:00pm and 7:15pm

Halloween-The Shining at 3pm and 7:15pm




Friday, October 5th and Saturday, October 6th-Phantasm at 10:30pm

Wednesday, October 10-Halloween (1978) at 2pm and 7pm

Friday, October 12th, and Saturday, October 13th-Suspiria (1977) at 10:30pm

Friday, October 19th, and Saturday, October 20th-Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) at 10:30pm

Friday, October 26th, and Saturday, October 27th-Shaun of the Dead at 10:30pm

Sunday, October 28-The Shining at 2pm and 7pm

Halloween-The Shining at 2pm and 7pm


Ft Worth Hulen

Friday, October 5th and Saturday, October 6th-Phantasm at 11pm

Wednesday, October 10-Halloween (1978) at 2pm and 7pm

Friday, October 12th and Saturday, October 13th-Suspiria (1977) at 11pm

Friday, October 19th, and Saturday, October 20th-Nightmare on Elm Street at 11pm

Friday, October 26, and Saturday, October 27-Shaun of the Dead at 11pm

Sunday, October 28-The Shining at 2pm and 7pm

Halloween-The Shining at 2pm and 7pm



Studio Movie Grill is the original dinner and a movie chain, with numerous locations in DFW. It has classic horror movies on the same night, at the same time at it’s locations. Check the showtimes the day you go, to make sure that they haven’t changed the start time.



Arlington Highlands

Arlington Lincoln Square


Dallas Royal Lane


Dallas Northwest Highway


Spring Valley

The Colony


Wednesday, October 10-Little Shop of Horrors (Director’s Cut) at 7:15pm

Thursday, October 11th-Sweet Sixteen and The Convent at 7:45pm

Monday, October 15th-Halloween (1978) at 7:45

Tuesday, October 16th-Halloween (1978) at 7:45pm

Wednesday, October 17th-The Shining at 7:15

Wednesday, October 24th-The Exorcist (1973) (Director’s Cut) at 7:15 and Night of the Living Dead (1968) at 7pm and 10pm

Thursday, October 25th-Night of the Living Dead (1968) at 7pm and 10pm

Monday, October 29th-Beetlejuice at 7:15pm

Tuesday, October 30-Beetlejuice at 7:15pm

Halloween-Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) at 7:15, Hell Fest at 7:45pm and 10:30pm


Angelika Plano

Located in the Shops at Legacy center at the southeast corner of the Dallas North Tollway and Legacy Drive in Plano.

Monday, October 8-Carrie (the original) at 7pm

Halloween-Psycho at 7pm


Angelika Dallas

Located in Mockingbird Station at the northeast corner of US 75 and Mockingbird Lane in Dallas.

Halloween-Psycho at 7pm




Other Halloween Activities

12.09.2018 (12:38 pm) – Filed under: Listings,Other Halloween Activities

This is a listing of pumpkin patches, festivals, and other Halloween related activities that aren’t haunted attractions, in the DFW area.

Boo at the Zoo runs from October 26-28  at the Fort Worth Zoo. It’s a daytime event, free with zoo admission or membership. It’s basically a carnival at the zoo. Boo at the Zoo has the same hours as the zoo. Check the zoo’s site for hours, prices, and directions.

Halloweekend at the Dallas Zoo. The Dallas Zoo has a Halloween festival on the final weekend of October, the 27th and 28th, from 9am-4pm. It features trick or treat stations, mazes, a bounce house, face painting, snakes, toads, and newts, plus craft beer for adults. It’s free with a zoo ticket, or zoo membership.

Dallas Arboretum has Autumn at the Arboretum through November 21. They have a spectacular Pumpkin Village, with more than 90,000 pumpkins. They are open from 9am until 5pm. Parking is difficult to find in the area, due to it’s location by White Rock Lake, so your only option is usually to park in their paid lot at their front entrance, or in their new parking garage, two blocks north. Admission is $15 for adults, $12 for seniors, $10 for children 2-12, children under 2 are admitted for free. Parking is $15, but you can buy your parking online for $9. Parking can be bought here  The street address for the Arboretum is 8525 Garland Road Dallas, Texas 75218.


Pumpkin Patches-DFW

Royal Lane Baptist Church pumpkin patch-Opens by October 5. This church has a large selection of large, medium, and small pumpkins, plus various sizes of gourds. The pumpkin patch is nicely decorated, and has hay on the ground.  The patch is just west of Hillcrest on westbound Royal Lane, in North Dallas.

Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch Open now through Halloween, 9am-7pm. They have pumpkins, cornstalks, hay bales, and refreshments. There are activities for children, and local vendors provide food for purchase. Parking is $5, activities are free, purchases are optional.

Halls Pumpkin Farm in Grapevine. Open daily through Halloween. Hayrides are available Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. $5 during the day, $3 after dark. Cash only. Corn maze-$5. Everything at Hall’s is cash only. 3pm-8pm Monday-Thursday. 3pm-10pm Friday. 10am-10pm Saturday. 1pm-8pm Sunday.

Preston Trail Farms in Gunter has a pumpkin patch, open from 8am-8pm daily through Halloween. They also have a cafe and allow dogs on a leash. Gunter is north of Frisco, on Preston Road.


Ghost Tours- This site has a full list of Ghost Tours in DFW and elsewhere in Texas.


Costume Parties and other Halloween events DFW

Nearly every bar and club in Texas has some sort of Halloween party. The Dallas Morning News Guide Live and Dallas Observer have lists of the various parties. The parties below are the larger costume parties in the area. Other Halloween activities, including events for kids and pets, have been including in this section.

Dragons Ball is the largest costume party in DFW. It has a new theme each year. It’s on October 20th, from 9pm-4am.

Thursday, October 25

Spookedelic Robot Halloween Party  at Palamino, Thursday, October 25, at 6pm

YAP Halloween Party Thursday, October 25 at Vidorra, starting at 6pm.

Friday, October 26

Free Play Arlington Halloween Party Friday, October 26, from 6pm-2am

Nightmare on Henderson Halloween Block Party-At High Fives, on Thursday, October 25 beginning at 8pm

Eclipse Halloween Party at Southfork, Friday, October 26 at 7pm

Halloween 2018 Murder Mystery at Maggiano’s in Northpark, Friday, October 26 at 7pm

Boos and Booze Halloween Bash at Stirr, Friday, October 26 at 10:30pm

Hotel ZaZa Halloween Party-Friday, October 26, starting at 10pm.

Halloween Family Night at Oak Highlands Brewery on Friday,October 26, from 5pm-9pm

Pumpkins, Pinot, and Pooches at the Heritage Farmstead Museum on Friday, October 26 from 6pm-9pm

The GrapeYard at Oak Grove Ballfield Complex on Friday, October 26, from 6pm-11pm

Dallas Storytellers Guild Ghost Tales at the Bath House Cultural Center, Friday October 26 at 7pm, Saturday, October 27 at 2pm and 7pm.

Saturday, October 27

Halloween Costume Contest and Pumpkin Smash, plus dog adoptions at the Truck Yard in Lower Greenville. All day event, with the SPCA, features a costume contest for dogs at 3pm, and for people at 9pm, dog adoptions from 2pm-5pm, drink specials, and pumpkin throwing.

Howl-O-Ween Bash at noon on Saturday, October 27, at Chef Point Cafe

Pumpkin Patch at the Farm on Saturday, October 27 from 10am-5pm

Weekend Long Halloween Party at the Statler. A party each night, October 26-28, beginning at 9pm.

Halloween at Free Play Richardson Saturday, October 27, from 11am-1am

Friscovania on Saturday, October 27, from 3pm-8pm

Halloween Party Bus Edition Saturday, October 27 starting at 9pm

Paranormal Activity at the Palace on Saturday, October 27 from 7pm-midnight

Harwood Halloween Party Saturday, October 27 starting at 9pm

Cedar Springs Block Party-This takes up the entire block with bars and clubs on Cedar Springs. The block is closed off to traffic for the night. It’s known for elaborate costumes, but is costume optional. The block party is open to everyone, but the area is mostly gay. It’s on Saturday, October 27th. Arrive very early (before 6pm) to get parking. You can have dinner on the block before the party, or start drinking early. You don’t want to arrive late because parking will be a nightmare.

Dallas Halloween Bar Crawl in Uptown, Lower Greenville, Deep Ellum, on October 27.

Trick or Treat Train on Saturday, October 27, at 2pm

Witches Brew Train on Saturday, October 27, from 6:30pm-9pm

Halloween Party at the National Videogame Museum Saturday, October 27 from 10am-8pm

Trunk or Treat in Frisco on Saturday, October 27, from 10am-2pm

Halloween Bar Crawl in Uptown, Saturday, October 27.

Deep Ellum Bar Crawl on Saturday, October 27, starting at 7pm

Halloween in the Cedars BOOze Crawl Saturday, October 27 at the Vetted Well (Alamo Drafthouse) starting at 7pm

Halloween on Henderson on Saturday, October 27, starting at 8pm

The Freak Show at Don’t Tell Supper Club on Saturday, October 27, beginning at 9pm

W Haunted Halloween Rooftop Party-On the roof of the W hotel on October 27, 9pm-2am.

Thriller Halloween Party at House of Blues, on Saturday October 27th starting at 10pm

Haunted Castle Halloween Bash in the Old Red Courthouse in Downtown Dallas on Saturday, October 27 10pm-2am.

Gatsby’s Masquerade Halloween Ball  at 9pm on Saturday, October 27 in the Stoneleigh Penthouse

The Walking Dead Trivia Night at Pocket Sandwich Theater on Saturday, October 27, at 11pm

Sunday, October 28

Oak Cliff Pumpkinfest on Sunday, October 28, from 4pm-8pm

Halloween Safe-tacular for Kids and Pets on the Ron Kirk Bridge, Sunday, October 28 from 4pm-7pm

The Church Halloween parties-The Church (in the Lizard Lounge) has an annual Halloween party and costume contest. This year it has two, a zombie party on Sunday, October 28th, and the main party and costume contest on Halloween.

Halloween at Free Play Denton Sunday, October 28, from noon-11pm

Halloween Cookie Decorating Party Sunday, October 28, starting at 2pm

Family Halloween Party Sunday, October 28, starting at 2pm

Monday, October 29

National Theater Live:Frankenstein at the Northpark AMC at 7pm

Tuesday, October 30

Rocktober Halloween Bash Featuring Le Freak Tuesday, October 30, starting at 5pm

Singapore Slingers Halloween Special Tuesday, October 30, starting at 7:30pm at Pocket Sandwich Theater


Black Champagne Halloween Buffet at Catfish Plantation. Seatings at 5pm and 7pm.

Ick or Treat on Halloween from 10am to 5pm

Trick or Treat in Downtown Dallas starting at 4:30pm. Trick or Treating goes on until 7pm, a showing of Hocus Pocus is available, starting at 7:30pm.

Boo Bash Trick or Treating in Firewheel Center, from 5pm-7pm

Treat Street in the Ft Worth Stockyards, from 5pm-7pm

Decks in the Park Halloween Party Halloween, from 5pm-10pm

The Haunting of Whiskey Ranch: Murder Mystery Dinner from 6:30pm-9pm

Psycho screening at the Allen Public Library at 7pm

Halloween Party at Sundown at the Granada, starting at 7pm

Halloween Night Painting on Halloween, starting at 7pm

Circo Halloween:Walk of Fame costume party, from 7pm-10pm

People’s Halloween Party in Mockingbird Station on Halloween, starting at 8pm

Halloween Swing 2018 at Sons of Hermann Hall on Halloween from 8pm-midnight

Halloween Boat Party on Halloween, at Eagle Point Marina on Lewisville Lake, at 9pm

Halloween With Dada Live and Elephante at 8pm on Halloween.


Costume Shops DFW

Incognito Costume World-Dallas, on Inwood, close to the Galleria.

Norcostco Dallas, on Wycliff, south of I-35, in the Design District.

Dallas Vintage Costume Shop-Plano, off of 75, just north of Collin Creek Mall.

Rose Costumes-Denton, off of I-35 (northbound side) at 288.

Dallas Costume Shoppe-in east Dallas, on Main. Old shop, never open later than 5:30.

Magic Etc. In Ft Worth, on Forest Park Blvd, just north of I-30, west of downtown Ft Worth.


Haunted House Opening Dates

12.09.2018 (1:45 am) – Filed under: Haunted House Opening Dates,Listings


Hours of operation listed are for opening night only. Refer to the haunt’s site for other nights open and hours of operation.


Open All Year

Ripley’s Haunted Adventure

Haunted Mayfield Manor


Opening September 15

Scream Hollow 7pm-Midnight


Opening September 21

Dark Hour 7pm-Midnight

Hangman’s House of Horrors 8pm-Midnight

Halls of Horror in Music City Mall Lewisville. Hours vary, check their FB page for updates. Usually, 4pm-until midnight, noon until midnight on Saturday. 2nd floor in the mall, across from the food court. Enter through the mall.

Dan’s Haunted House 8pm-11pm

Fearaphobia 7:30pm-Midnight

Tayman Graveyard 8pm-11pm

Screamworld 8pm-Midnight

House of Torment 7:30pm-11pm

Creepy Hollow Haunted House 7pm-Midnight

13th Floor 7pm-10pm

Hex House 7:30pm-11pm

Dark Woods Haunted Attraction  Box office opens at 6:30pm, the haunt is open 7pm-Midnight.


Opening September 22

The Mortuary 7pm-11pm

Yesterland Fright Farm Dark till 10pm

Six Flags Fright Fest 11am-Midnight


Opening September 28

Screams 7:30pm-1:30am Box Office closes at midnight.

Parker House 7:30pm-Midnight

Waco Haunted Houses 8pm-11pm

World of Khaos  7pm-Midnight

13th Gate 6:30pm-11:30pm

Moxley Manor 8pm-11pm

3Haunts 8pm-11pm

Haunted Trails 8pm-Midnight

Kingswood Asylum 8pm-11:30pm Box office opens at 7:30pm, closes at 11pm

Graystone Manor 7pm-Midnight

Doc Wilkes House of Horrors 7:30pm-Midnight

Terror Trail Haunted House  7:30pm-Midnight

Nightmare on 19th Street 7:30pm-11:30pm

Tree Farm Massacre 7pm-Midnight

The Sanctuary 8pm-11pm

The Blackness Haunted House 7:30pm-11:30pm

Nightmare on Main Street 7:30pm-10pm


Opening September 29

Cutting Edge 8pm-10pm

Haunted Shadows Lake Trail 7:45pm-Midnight

Phobia Haunted Houses 8pm-Midnight

Terror Dome 8pm-Midnight

Fearshire Farms Dark until 11pm

Amarillo Scaregrounds 7pm-Midnight

RISE Haunted House 7:30pm-10:30pm

Psycho Asylum 7pm-Midnight

P-6 Farms Fall Festival and Corn Maze 10am-10pm

Dungeon of Doom 6pm-10pm

Redrum Haunted House 7pm-Midnight

6th Street Massacre 7pm-Midnight

Zip Line With Zombies Reservation required. Call 903 968 6924 or 903 736 5155


Opening October 4

Houston Screamfest 8pm-10pm

Chainsaw Massacre 8pm-Midnight


Opening October 5

Thrillvania 8pm-11pm

Creekside Manor Dark until Midnight

J&F House of Terror 8:30pm-Midnight, or when the line dies down.

Zombie Safari 7pm until late

Terror Trails Dark until Midnight

Afterlife 8pm-11pm

Evil Visions Haunted House 7pm-Midnight

House of Thorn 7:30pm-11:30pm

Psycho Path Haunt 7pm-11pm

Nightmare in the Country 8pm-10pm

Van Buren Frightmare 7pm-11pm, 7pm to Midnight on other Fridays and Saturdays.


Opening October 12

Haunting on the Blue Ghost 7pm-10:30pm

DefCon1 Haunted Warehouse 7pm-Midnight Final Year!



Statewide Haunted House Listings

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North Texas

Screams  Waxahachie

Thrillvania  Terrell

Cutting Edge  Fort Worth

Halls of Horror Music City Mall (Formerly Vista Ridge Mall) Lewisville. 2nd story in the mall, across from the food court. Enter through the mall.

Creekside Manor  Midlothian

Tayman Graveyard  Midlothian

Parker House  Denton

Haunted Shadows Lake Trail  The Colony

Dan’s Haunted House  Lake Dallas

Fearaphobia  Bridgeport

Moxley Manor  Bedford

J&F House of Terror  Garland

Hangman’s House of Horrors  Fort Worth

Dark Hour Haunted House  Plano

Zombie Safari  Forney

Six Flags Fright Fest Arlington



Central Texas

Waco Haunted Houses   Elm Mott (Waco area)

House of Torment  Austin

Scream Hollow Halloween Park  Smithville



Houston area

Screamworld  Houston

Phobia  Houston

Houston TerrorDome  Houston

Houston Screamfest  Houston

3Haunts Haunted House  Shepherd

Fearshire Farms  Angleton

Redrum Haunted House  Richmond

Haunted Trails  Houston

Creepy Hollow Haunted House  Rosharon

Kingwood Asylum  Kingwood

Dungeon of Doom  Kemah

P-6 Farms Fall Festival and Corn Maze Montgomery




Haunted Mayfield Manor



San Antonio

Ripley’s Haunted Adventure

13th Floor

Psycho Asylum



East Texas

Graystone Manor  Longview

World of Khaos Tyler

Terror Trails  Yantis

Afterlife  Blossom

Doc Wilkes House of Horrors  Longview

Zip Line with Zombies  Diana

Yesterland Fright Farm Canton



West Texas

Terror Trail Canutillo  (El Paso area)

Halls of Horror  Lubbock  Returning in 2019

Nightmare on 19th Street  Lubbock

Amarillo Scaregrounds  Amarillo

6th Street Massacre  Amarillo

Van Buren Frightmare  Amarillo

Chainsaw Massacre  Amarillo

The Blackness Haunted House  Plainview

Nightmare on Main Street  Vernon

DefCon 1 Haunted Warehouse Odessa Final Year!



South Texas

Rotting Flesh Factory  Harlingen  Could return in 2019.

Haunting on the Blue Ghost Corpus Christi




13th Gate  Baton Rouge

The Mortuary  New Orleans

Evil Visions Haunted House  Monroe

Tree Farm Massacre  Leesville

Rise Haunted House  Hammond

Dark Woods Haunted Attraction Natchitoches




Hex House  Tulsa

The Sanctuary  Oklahoma City

House of Thorn Dewey

Nightmare in the Country  Woodward

Psycho Path Haunt  Sperry

Halloween Links

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Halloween Merchandise and Costumes















Halloween Decorations













Haunted House Listings




“Real” Haunted Site Listings






A New Season and New Attractions for Screams

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All attractions at Screams will be new for 2018! From the Screams press office:

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (September 10, 2018) Screams® is all new and completely transformed for 2018! Think you know Screams®, then think again! The 23rd season of Screams®will begin on Friday, September 28, 2018 with all five of its haunted houses completely redesigned and enhanced for the 2018 season along with scores of haunting new characters added to provide the scariest Screams® experience ever!

Screams® 2018 will be much more shocking and terrifying than in years’ past with frights hitting you the minute you enter the park and not stopping throughout the night! Screams®is NOT recommended for children under 16.

“Our new Creative Director, Ray Don Mitchell, has brought 15+ years of Fright and Haunted House experience to Screams® to help take Screams® up to the next level of creative frights and downright terror in each of our 5 haunted houses” says Coy Sevier, Screams® General Manager. “In addition, we have a whole new corps of roaming actors that will help set the atmosphere of heightened fear from the moment people enter our event. You don’t want to miss a minute of Screams® 2018!” 

As part of the Screams® 2018 transformation, each of the 5 haunted houses have been completely redesigned and have new names/themes. You will experience:  Cursed…The Witches of TerraMythica Castle, PT Harmum’s Carnival of Chaos MazeCaptain Babarossa’s Blood HarbourHotel D’feers and the Zombie Wasteland…Apocalypse.

The new menacing Strigoi (meaning evil souls) characters include: Snuffs & Cuffs (horrible roaming clown couple), “The Count of Bloodworth” (the Screams®vampire), Hayward & Lanterna (living …or not so living…scarecrows), Captain Barbarossa & his Mate, Hansel, sister witches Haga, Baga & Smew (casting spells on all those they encounter) and el Cucuy (the Boogeyman).

Additionally Screams® offers a whole lot more for an entire night of Halloween fun such as live entertainment, Scary-Oke, Psychic Readings, Palm Readings, face painting, henna tattoos, and games of skill. Screams® shops will feature wares like jewelry, medicine bags, glo products, feather extensions, hats & crowns, infused oils, wax hands, wax roses, and of course Screams® souvenirs.

There is food and drink at the food court and the full-service restaurant & bar along with adult beverages at the pubs for those 21 and older. New foods for the 2018 season include onion petals and Bomb Pop ice cups. Featured seasonal & craft beers will include Deep Ellum IPA, Deep Ellum Dallas Blonde, Deep Ellum Local Legend, Spaten Oktoberfest, Bishop Crackberry Cider, Billy Jenkins Wild Acre, Spaten Lager, Bishop Apple Pineapple Cider, Franconia Chicken Dance, Founders Dirty Bastard, Ace Pear Cider, Bishop The OG Cider, Left Hand Milk Stout, Ziegenbock, and Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin Ale.   The Spider’s Web pub will also feature lime & cherry Jello shots (in a syringe shot glass)!

The entertainment line-up for Screams® 2018 will include Screams® radio partners taking over the Screams® stage bringing their own brand of entertainment with the KSCS Scary-Oke Battle on September 29th, ALT 103.7’s Halloween Trivia Contest on October 13th and Jack-FM Dance-Off Party on October 20th.  Complete DJ will take the Screams® stage the rest of the season spinning music and creating a festive atmosphere.

Screams® Halloween Theme Park is 5 Haunted Houses and a Whole Lot More that runs every Friday and Saturday night September 28 through October 27, 2018 7:30 pm – 1:30 am.Screams® single admission price is $35 at the gate and includes all 5 haunted houses, live entertainment and Scary-Oke. Plus, visitors may go through the haunted houses as many times as they like (as the crowds will allow).

Discount tickets can be purchased in advance on-line at ScreamsPark.com. Starting on September 22, 2018 visitors can also get discount coupons at North Texas MetroPCS stores and at Waxahachie Nissan. Waxahachie Nissan is also offering two free tickets with a test drive at Waxahachie Nissan while supplies last.  To cut the wait times in half, visitors can purchase a Fast Pass for $20 in advance or during their visit at the gate or at the Fast Pass kiosk.   Screams® is a top 10 pick for Halloween Spooktacular Fun by TopFor.com and rated as the best Haunted Theme Park – ‘A 10 out of 10’ by Texas Haunts.

Screams® is located just 30 minutes south of downtown Dallas and Fort Worth off I-35E at exit 399A on the Scarborough Faire® site. From Waco, follow I-35E north to Exit 399.  Parking is free compliments of Waxahachie Nissan.  Screams® is sponsored by Dr Pepper and MetroPCS.

For more information visit ScreamsPark.com, ScreamsPark on FaceBook, Twitter or Instagram. The Screams hashtag is:  #ScreamsPark.

Openings and Closings for 2018

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New Haunted Attraction

Halls Of Horror-Lewisville, in Music City Mall (Formerly Vista Ridge Mall). Opens Saturday, September 15 at 4pm, and will be open until 1am. The 15th is also the reopening of Music City Mall, with a festival and stage acts inside the mall.


Closed Haunted Attractions

Nightmare on the Bayou

Dark Path Haunt

Texas Scaregrounds, though they could return in 2019

Frightmares at Whatz-Up

Jefferson Fright Train

Texas Maze of Terror

13th Ward

Rotting Flesh Factory appears to be closed for 2018, may return in 2019.



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This is a list of haunted houses from years past. Of course, nearly every haunted houses that opened before 1996 is closed now, so this is a list of personal favorites that have closed.

Dallas Scaregrounds  A great haunted house that started out as Dr Blood’s and developed into a haunted festival, in the Dallas Design District. It was very popular, but fell victim to the redevelopment of the Design District. This was one of the first extra large haunted houses in DFW.

Fatal End/Dollhouse  Another popular haunted house that was ended by redevelopment in the downtown Dallas area. Fatal End opened in the late 2000’s. It had a great location in the West End, and had great props. Necroplex merged with Fatal End in 2011 and the name changed to The Dollhouse.

Dallas Slaughterhouse  This haunt started in the West End in Dallas in the mid 2000’s and eventually moved to Deep Ellum, before merging with J&F in Garland in 2016.

Dungeon of Doom  The original DoD, in the basement of the Arlington Museum of Art, was formed as a way to raise money for the museum. It probably had the best decor of any haunted house I’ve been to, with the possible exception of Verdun Manor. Kay, and her husband Milton, ran the place. With so many multi haunt attractions opening in the 2000’s, Kay felt that DoD could no longer compete and closed down after the 2007 season. Many of the props went to the new Dungeon of Doom in the Reindeer Manor/13 Street Morgue complex.

Necroplex started in Italy, south of Waxahachie, in 2008, and merged with Fatal End in 2011. Necroplex had great Old West style Gothic props and decor.

Tayman Manor  One of the most intense haunted houses of the 90’s and early 2000’s was Tayman Manor in Midlothian. Actors made some contact, the place looked great, and had a creepy setting. Tayman Manor was destroyed in a fire, along with most of Addamsville, but Tayman Graveyard lives on to this day.

Addamsville was a haunt park, next to Tayman Manor. It was only open for 2002 and 2003, but it was fun while it lasted. Addamsville had a coupon system, similar to the State Fair. It had a trail, a clown house, a mortuary, a haunted museum, and a standard haunted house. Concessions and a gift shop were at one end of the park. Stilt walkers roamed through the night. It had a great festival atmosphere. Sadly, most of Addamsville was destroyed in the fire that took out Tayman Manor. The mortuary and concessions stand are still around at Tayman Graveyard.

Dr Haunt’s Chamber of Fear  Located in Gainesville, Dr Haunts was a throwback to ’80’s side of the road haunted houses. The quality varied year to year, but a unique layout and enthusiastic college volunteers made the trip worthwhile through the 2000’s.

Terrorplex was a small haunt park located in the outskirts of the Mansfield area, south of Arlington. It had four to five small haunted houses at a time. Mead Manor was the best of the haunts.

Lafitte’s Landing was a pirate themed haunted house that opened in the mid 2000’s, and reopened for one more year in Allen.

Phantom’s Haunted House  This was the haunt that would not die. Originally located in Lewisville, on the west side of the 1-35 access road, Phantoms had to move to Frisco after it’s property was bought by a car dealership. After one season in Frisco (I think that was 2003) Phantoms moved to the State Fair for three seasons, before moving back to Frisco, or Plano, at an Old West attraction in 2010. Phantom’s final location was in Allen, off of 75, where the outdoor mall is today. The Lewisville location had the best haunted house, but the Allen location had the best hayride I’ve been on. It wound through a densely forested area, with tree branches close enough to touch at times.

Faustas Sanitarium was located in Cleburne in the Wright Plaza building, which shows up on lots of paranormal sites as a haunted location. Faustas was upstairs, and was fairly small, but was extremely well decorated due to being designed by Lance Pope’s company, Wolf Productions. Wright Plaza was closed at night, aside from Faustas, and in those days downtown Cleburne was deserted at night, so the entire area had an eerie feel to it. Faustas was open in the 90’s and closed down around 2003.

Haunt House  Located in Caddo Mills, off of the I-30 access road, Haunt House was a small, but creative place. This was the first haunt in the area to use shock pads on walls.

Ripley’s haunted house  Ripley’s in Grand Prairie had a very good haunted house in the wax figure section of it’s building in the 2000’s. I went for the first time in 2004, and it closed a few years later. The wax figures of horror movie monsters and liberal use of fog machines were the best parts of the haunt.

Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus  This still exists in Utah, but the DFW version was around for three seasons, beginning in 2013. The circus was a collection of 18 wheeler trailers, each with it’s own scene and actors, plus some props and actors between the trailers. It moved each year, from two locations in Irving, to Grand Prairie, before closing shop in Texas. It was a unique approach to haunting, but was probably too expensive for the market.

Other notable closed haunted attractions:

Southlake Carroll haunted house

Texas Scaregrounds (It could be back in 2019)

Dr Fright’s in Arlington

Haunted Hollow at the Hill

Fear Factory in the Colony

Nightmare on Forest Lane

Count Dracula’s in McKinney

Zombie Manor

Dark Path Haunt

Jefferson Fright Train