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Texas Haunts 2020

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Welcome to Texas Haunts 2020, bringing you news and reviews of Texas haunted houses, plus listings of Halloween events all over Texas. Scores are on a 1-10 scale. Please click on the haunted house links for information about dates of operation, prices, location, and directions. We also list current and vintage genre movies and TV shows, pumpkin patches, links to a variety of Halloween stores, and paranormal sites and restaurants with the Halloween spirit. We will also have a full list of Halloween parties in the DFW area. Thanks for visiting and please come again soon!


Scream Hollow and 13th Floor Opening This Weekend

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Scream Hollow, a Halloween park southeast of Austin, and 13th Floor, a large haunted house in San Antonio, are opening September 18.

Scream Hollow is a large haunt park, with four haunted attractions, a bar, a cafe/bakery, and a gift shop. It’s located in Bastrop County, close to the town of Smithville. It’s about 30 minutes southeast of Austin. Directions are here. Tickets are here. This is their Facebook. I have never been to Scream Hollow, but it’s at the top of my list of places to see. It sounds a lot like Screams, which is a great haunt park. Speaking of Screams, since they are closed this year, Scream Hollow is your best bet for a similar experience, so go if you can make the trip. If you live in that part of Texas, definitely go. Scream Hollow is spread out over 20 acres, they have plenty of space for social distancing, and they are taking all Covid precautions. Scream Hollow is open Friday, September 18, and Saturday, September 19, from 7pm-Midnight. They are open Sunday, September 20, from 6pm-10pm.

13th Floor is part of a nationwide group of haunted houses that includes House of Torment in Austin. I haven’t been to 13th Floor, but I have been to it’s sister haunt, House of Torment, which is excellent. 13th Floor has an impressive list of Covid precautions, and they are limiting ticket sales this year, so please buy your tickets in advance. Tickets are here, this is their Facebook, and their list of Covid precautions is here. 13th Floor is open on Friday, September 18, and Saturday, September 19, from 7:30pm-10pm.

Texas Haunts Upcoming Updates

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With the first haunted attractions opening this weekend, I would like to take a moment to give some friendly advice about attending haunted houses this year. If you are young, or youngish, and in good health, you should be ok to attend haunted attractions, provided that you follow local Covid precautions, and keep in mind the need to protect yourself this season. That means taking masks with you, maintaining social distancing with people not in your group, hand sanitizing and hand washing, and staying home if you begin to feel ill. If you are in a high risk group, due to age or health, it would be wise to take this year off from haunted houses, and celebrate Halloween in other ways. Texas Haunts will be posting plenty of other ways to enjoy the season.

Texas Haunts will have major updates coming in the next two weeks. Each week, from now through the second week of October, we will post haunted attractions opening each weekend. We will be posting horror and Scifi movies and shows on TV in October, and another update will cover horror/Scifi movies playing in local theaters in October. Our annual Other Halloween Activities update will come in the final week of September.

Please remember to stay safe this Halloween season. Despite Covid, 2020 should be a fun season, with Halloween on a Saturday, and a full moon. 2021 will be great, with Halloween on a Sunday (which gives us the entire weekend to celebrate!) so be sure that you are around for that.

House of Torment Is Closed for September 12

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House of Torment will not open on September 12. That was to have been their opening night. Below is the announcement from House of Torment.

Due to circumstances outside of our control House of Torment will not be open Saturday, September 12th. We are extremely sorry for this inconvenience.

If you already purchased tickets for this date, you should have received an email and text with an update on your order. For further assistance please email info@houseoftorment.com

Haunted House Opening Dates

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Due to Covid, it’s possible that haunted attractions will have to close with little notice, so please check with the haunted attraction before buying tickets, and before you leave for the attraction. It’s best to call the number for the attraction for updates, or to check their Facebook site. Websites are usually last to be updated. Please remember to take a mask with you. Most attractions will be required to enforce mask wearing, and most will not have masks to provide to customers.

Update: Some haunted attractions will be selling a limited number of tickets, online only, this season, so it’s best to buy your tickets in advance this year. If nothing else, check with the attractions’s site, or Facebook page to find out whether advance tickets are required. In 2020, don’t show up at a haunted house with the expectation of being able to buy tickets at the box office.

Dates and times are for opening night only.


All Year

Ripley’s Haunted Adventure 11am-6pm Sun-Thu, 10am-9pm Fri-Sat (210) 226-2828 Facebook

Haunted Mayfield Manor 1pm-6pm, except Saturday 1pm-8pm. (409) 762-6677 Facebook


Opening September 18

Scream Hollow 7pm-Midnight (512) 710-8267 Facebook

13th Floor 7:30-10pm (210) 910-6450 Facebook


Opening September 25

World Of Khaos 7pm-Midnight (903) 283-8939 Facebook

Doc Wilkes House of Horrors 7:30-Midnight (903) 297-5397 Facebook

The Mortuary 6:30pm-Midnight (504) 483-2350 Facebook

Purgatory Scream Park 8pm-Midnight (281) 622-6186  Facebook

Dark Woods Adventure Park 8-11:30pm (318) 289-9019 Facebook


Opening September 26

Amarillo Scaregrounds 7-11:30pm (806) 367-9516 Facebook

P6 Farms Fall Festival and Corn Maze 10am-6pm (936) 597-6062 Facebook

6th Street Massacre 7pm-Midnight (806) 337-0749 Facebook


Opening October 2

Cutting Edge  8-11pm (817) 348-8444 Facebook

13th Gate 6:30-11:30pm (225) 389-1313 Facebook

Phobia 8pm-Midnight (713) 526-3323 Facebook

J&F House of Terror (Online tickets only) (972) 278-7692  Facebook

Texas Scaregrounds  7:30pm-Midnight (817) 819-6773 Facebook

Silo of Screams  Opens at 8 for first showing, 10:15 for second showing Facebook

Hex House 7-11pm (877) 980-7882 Facebook

Houston Terror Dome 8-11pm (281) 864-9686 Facebook

Haunted Trails 8pm-Midnight (713) 618-3323 Facebook

Creepy Hollow 7pm-Midnight (800) 357-3323 Facebook

Graystone Manor 7pm-Midnight (In person sales only, at 50% capacity) (903) 918-3889 Facebook

Afterlife Haunted House 8-11pm (903) 202-0123 Facebook

Yesterland Fright Farm “Dark until 10” (903) 567-2255 Facebook

Parker House  7:30-11pm  (469) 556-3475 Facebook

Creekside Manor Dusk till Midnight (469) 471-4030 Facebook

Moxley Manor Hours TBA (682) 231-1313 Facebook

Haunted Shadows Lake Trail 7:45pm-Midnight  Facebook

3Haunts 8-11pm (713) 962-2339 Facebook

Texas Maze of Terror 8pm until the line dies down. Be there by 9 to be safe. (409) 681-5115 Facebook

Psycho Path Haunted House 7:30-11:30pm Tickets sold online only. (918) 288-7685 Facebook

The Blackness Haunted House (No phone number) Facebook

Redrum Fear Park 7pm-Midnight (281) 762-0034 Facebook

Rise Haunted House 7pm-10pm (985) 277-9666 Facebook


Opening October 3

Nightmare on 19th Street 7:30-10:30pm (Tickets online only) Facebook

Zombie Safari 7-10pm (972) 203-0014 Facebook

Zip Line With Zombies (903) 968-6924 Begins at 7, reservations only, made by phone only. Facebook


Opening October 9

Thrillvania 8:30-10pm (972) 428-9653 Facebook

Waco Haunted Houses 8pm-Midnight (254) 826-7473 Facebook

Fright Night Haunted House Online ticket sales only, limited tickets, timed entry. 7-11pm Facebook

Evil Visions Haunted House 7pm-Midnight (318) 355-1751 Facebook


Opening in 2020, Date and Time TBA

Hangman’s House of Horrors (817) 336-4264 Facebook

Houston Screamfest (No phone number) Facebook

Nightmare on Main Street (No phone number) Facebook

Haunting on the Blue Ghost (361) 248-8268 Facebook




Statewide Haunted House Listings

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North Texas

Screams  Waxahachie Closed in 2020, back in 2021

Cutting Edge  Fort Worth

Thrillvania  Terrell

Parker House  Denton

Texas Scaregrounds Mineral Wells

Creekside Manor  Midlothian

Tayman Graveyard  Midlothian Closed in 2020, back in 2021

Haunted Shadows Lake Trail  The Colony

Moxley Manor  Bedford

J&F House of Terror  Garland

Hangman’s House of Horrors  Fort Worth

Dark Hour Haunted House  Plano Closed in 2020, back in 2021

Zombie Safari  Forney

Six Flags Fright Fest Arlington No haunted attractions in 2020, rides only



Central Texas

Waco Haunted Houses   Elm Mott (Waco area)

Scream Hollow Halloween Park  Smithville

House of Torment  Austin

Silo of Screams Temple



Houston area

Screamworld  Houston Permanently closed

Phobia  Houston

Houston TerrorDome  Houston

Houston Screamfest  Houston

Purgatory Scream Park Kingwood

3Haunts Haunted House  Shepherd

Redrum Fear Park Richmond

Haunted Trails  Houston

Creepy Hollow Haunted House  Rosharon

Dungeon of Doom  Kemah Closed in 2020, back in 2021

P-6 Farms Fall Festival and Corn Maze Montgomery




Haunted Mayfield Manor



San Antonio

Ripley’s Haunted Adventure

13th Floor



East Texas

Graystone Manor  Longview

World of Khaos Tyler

Doc Wilkes House of Horrors  Longview

Terror Trails  Yantis Closed in 2020, back in 2021

Afterlife  Blossom

Texas Maze of Terror Vidor

The Asylum Haunted House Talco Closed in 2020, back in 2021

Zip Line with Zombies  Diana

Yesterland Fright Farm Canton



West Texas

Terror Trail Canutillo  (El Paso area) Closed in 2020, back in 2021

Nightmare on 19th Street  Lubbock

Amarillo Scaregrounds  Amarillo

6th Street Massacre  Amarillo

Van Buren Frightmare  Amarillo Closed in 2020, back in 2021

Old Midland Trail of Horrors Midland

The Blackness Haunted House  Plainview

Nightmare on Main Street  Vernon

DefCon 1 and Circus of the Dead Odessa



South Texas

Haunting on the Blue Ghost Corpus Christi

Fright Night Haunted House Corpus Christi




13th Gate  Baton Rouge

The Mortuary  New Orleans

Evil Visions Haunted House  Monroe

Tree Farm Massacre  Leesville

Rise Haunted House  Hammond

Dark Woods Haunted Attraction Natchitoches




Hex House  Tulsa

The Sanctuary  Oklahoma City Closed in 2020, back in 2021

House of Thorn Dewey

Nightmare in the Country  Woodward Closed in 2020, back in 2021

Psycho Path Haunt  Sperry

Paranormal Sites and Ghost Tours in Texas

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Since it’s looking like at least some haunted attractions in Texas will join Screams in cancelling, we are going to post alternatives to haunted houses this season. Without commenting on whether paranormal activity is real, I will say that investigating paranormal sites can be fun, even if you aren’t a believer. After all, we all know that haunted houses aren’t full of real monsters, but they are great fun anyway. Below are some links to paranormal sites and ghost tours.


Haunted Places

Haunted Places.org The Most Haunted Places In Texas

Backpackerverse 10 Most Haunted Places in Texas

Texas Monthly Fear Factor

Caller.com 13 Haunted Places in Texas

Mysterious Heartland: 10 Most Haunted Places in Texas

Haunted Rooms: 14 Most Haunted Places in Texas

Haunted Rooms Most Haunted Places in DFW

Texas Escapes Texas Ghosts List

Click2Houston Creepiest Places in Texas

Arlington Tourism 18 Most Haunted Places in DFW

Haunted Texas Road Trip

Travel Texas Haunted Places to Visit

Austin Ghosts Top 10 Most Haunted Places in Texas

Texas Highways 5 Most Haunted

Shadowlands Haunted Places in Texas


Ghost Tours

Viator Top Texas Ghost Tours

Trip Advisor Ghost Tours in Texas

Top 7 Ghost Tours in Texas

Jefferson Ghost Walk

Dallas Ghost Tour

Granbury Ghost Tour

Austin Ghost Tours

Ghost Tours of Galveston Island

Ft Worth Stockyard Ghost Tours

San Antonio Haunted Tours

Houston Ghost Tour






Spirit Stores Begin Opening This Weekend

07.08.2020 (1:28 am) – Filed under: Halloween News

Spirit begins opening it’s stores this weekend, Friday August 7, and Saturday, August 8. Check here for Spirit stores opening in your area.

Halloween Merchandise and Costume Links

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Here is an updated list of stores that sell quality Halloween merchandise and costumes. These links should take you directly to their Halloween departments. Walgreens, Kroger, Tom Thumb, Albertsons, and CVS usually sell a fair amount of Halloween decorations and candy, but they list little to nothing online, so I’m not linking to them. They are worth checking out in person, especially CVS. Many of the costume shops listed also carry decorations.


In Person and online



At Home

Party City

Home Depot


Halloween Town

Halloween Club

Halloween City

Halloween MegaStore

Halloween Adventure

Spookers Halloween

Phantom Halloween

Halloween Express

Halloween Mart


Joann Fabrics

EHobby Tools




Lemax Spooky Town 2020


Online only

Amazon Halloween

Haunted Props

The Horror Dome

Fright Props

Poison Props

Creepy Collection

Mostly Dead

Dapper Cadaver

Dark Side Displays

Best Halloween Store

Halloween Found

Oriental Trading


Costume Shops


Costume Super Center

Halloween Costumes.com

Costume Express

Buy Costumes

Wholesale Halloween Costumes

Costume Kingdom

Costumes 4 Less

The Halloween Spot

Mask World

Halloween Costumes 4U

Pure Costumes


In Person and online

Costume World


Rose Costumes

Magic Etc


Update on the 2020 Season

30.07.2020 (7:10 pm) – Filed under: Halloween News

This is the time of year when I ordinarily update the statewide haunted house listings, and begin posting haunted house opening dates. You can see the statewide haunted house listings here, but I won’t be posting haunted house opening dates until early September. At this point, the only Texas haunted attraction that has cancelled it’s 2020 season is Screams. However, no haunted attraction can be certain of opening in 2020, and won’t be certain of being able to open until at least early September.

2020 is unprecedented, thanks to Covid. We aren’t sure of how much of an impact Covid will have on the Halloween season, beyond haunted houses. Halloween parties, trick or treating, seeing horror movies in theaters, and other activities such as pumpkin festivals, may be impacted. We can be certain that stores that carry Halloween related merchandise (Spirit, Michaels, At Home, Party City, etc) will be open. At the very least, you will be able to visit “real” haunted sites, watch horror and scifi movies and TV shows at home, and decorate your home. Anything beyond that will have to be viewed as a bonus this year.

Speaking of “real” haunted sites, or paranormal sites, if you prefer, we will be posting a list of such sites in Texas and surrounding states. We do have a list of stores that carry Halloween merchandise here, but we will be posting an updated list soon. The first Spirit store openings will be on August 8, and will continue on a rolling basis into early September. We will keep you informed of new developments in the 2020 season as they happen, so keep checking back.

Spirit Locations Have Been Announced

27.07.2020 (4:46 pm) – Filed under: Halloween News

In another promising sign for the 2020 Halloween season, Spirit has announced most of it’s store locations for 2020. This is not a full listing, so keep checking their site for added locations. Check here for their locations.


Screams 2020 Is Cancelled

27.07.2020 (4:41 pm) – Filed under: Halloween News,Haunt News,Screams

It is incredibly difficult for me to write this, but Screams just announced that they have cancelled their 2020 season. I will post their full press release below. I was greatly looking forward to seeing everyone at Screams, and especially Helaine, the Screams/Scarborough marketing director, Cheltsea and Michael at the Full Moon Cafe, and Tai.

As anyone who visits this site knows, Screams is my favorite theme park (of any kind) and the Halloween season will not be the same without it. It would have been extra difficult for Screams to have opened, given that they sell a great deal of food and drink, and in the end, management made a decision in the interest of the safety of Screams employees and guests. As sad as this is, I am already looking forward to Screams 2021!

Below is the Screams announcement.

2020 Season Canceled
Due to the continuing COVID-19 health crisis and on-going outbreaks, Screams® Halloween Theme Park has made the difficult decision to cancel Screams® 2020 season for the first time in its 25-year history. Screams® 2020 season was scheduled to run Friday and Saturday Nights October 2 – October 31, 2020.
During this unprecedented time, the owners and management of Screams® considered many options and scenarios to safely conduct the Screams® 2020 season. They came to the determination that cancelling Screams® is the most responsible course of action to ensure the health and safety of its staff, employees, participants, patrons, and community.
Screams® is extremely disappointed in the cancellation of its 2020 season but plans to be back in the Fall of 2021 bigger and better than ever to celebrate its 25th season!
We wish each of you good health and hope that the COVID-19 will be contained and eradicated in the coming months.
Screams® Owners and Management

Lemax Spooky Town 2020

26.07.2020 (7:37 pm) – Filed under: Halloween News

Michaels has put the 2020 Lemax Spooky Town line out on display in it’s stores, nationwide. This is the 20th anniversary of the launch of the Spooky Town Collection, and this year’s line is the best since at least 2008. Here is the regular Spooky Town 2020 line, and here are the Michaels exclusives.

Lemax is ridiculously expensive at regular price, so I wait for the Michaels annual Labor Day sale, when they give out a coupon that can be used for all items in their stores, including items already at reduced price. Michaels begins marking down Lemax in late August, in most years, so I get roughly 40%-45% off of the regular price for Lemax by combining Michaels Labor Day coupon with the mark down of Lemax items. You could wait until late September for Lemax at Michaels to be marked down to over 50% off, but by then nearly all of the good stuff is sold out. Make sure that you are on Michaels email list so that you will receive their Labor Day coupon. They only send those to their email list.

Michaels and At Home Are Stocking Halloween Merchandise

13.07.2020 (1:45 pm) – Filed under: Halloween News

At Home (formerly known as Gardenridge) and Michaels have begun to stock Halloween decorations. At Home and Michaels usually have most of their Halloween decorations on shelves by late July. Both stores have an excellent selection of Halloween merchandise, and Michaels is the main distributor of Lemax Spookytown. Michaels currently has a 20% off coupon on their site for use on regular price, in store purchases. This sale runs through August 1.

Ripley’s San Antonio and Haunted Mayfield Manor Now Open Daily

18.06.2020 (12:29 am) – Filed under: Haunt News

After a break for Covid, Ripley’s Haunted Adventure (in San Antonio) and Haunted Mayfield Manor (Galveston) are open daily again. It will be interesting to see how smoothly these haunts operate during the summer. If business is good, other haunted attractions could decide to open for the Halloween season. Updates on these haunts will be posted in July. For now, if you are going to be in San Antonio or Galveston, check these attractions out. Both are well regarded. Please remember to protect yourself from Covid while you are in public.

Dark Hour Cancels Summer Show

11.06.2020 (8:27 am) – Filed under: Haunt News

Dark Hour Haunted House in Plano has cancelled it’s annual Dog Days of Summer show, which is held in July. Hopefully Covid will not prevent haunts from opening for the Halloween season. We will post an update about the upcoming season in July.

Waco Haunted Houses to Open for Friday the 13th in March

16.02.2020 (9:29 am) – Filed under: Haunt News,Haunted House Listings

Waco Haunted Houses, in Elm Mott, just north of Waco, is the first haunted house to announce that they will be open for Friday the 13th in March. I had a great time reviewing this haunt last October, and you can read the review here. There are two haunted houses on the grounds, plus a gift shop. Waco Haunted Houses is located off of the access road for northbound I-35, between Waco and West, and yes, West is the name of a town. The address is 14656 I-35 N Elm Mott, Texas 7664, their phone is 254 826 7473, and you can also check their Facebook. It’s great for people in the Waco and Waxahachie areas, and is within easy driving distance of DFW and Austin.

Dark Hour Returns in March With St Patrick’s Slay

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Dark Hour Haunted House in Plano will be open for St Patrick’s Day on March 13 and 14, from 7pm-11pm. March 13 is also Friday the 13th! Tickets are $30 for the main haunt, and $40 for a combo of Dark Hour and The Asylum. VIP tickets and group rates (at least 15 people) are also available.

Valentine’s Day Haunted Houses

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The following haunted houses will be open for Valentine’s Day.

Dark Hour Haunted House on Feb 14 and 15, from 7pm-11pm.

House of Torment beginning at 7pm on Feb 14 and 15. Tickets here

Haunted Mayfield Manor in Galveston, and Ripley’s Haunted Adventure in San Antonio are open all year.


Halloween Links

23.01.2020 (7:55 pm) – Filed under: Halloween Links,Links



Halloween Merchandise and Costumes















Halloween Decorations













“Real” Haunted Site Listings




Haunted Houses in December

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Dark Hour Haunted House in Plano is open December 13-14, and December 27-28. 7pm-11pm each night. A behind the scenes tour is available on December 28, from noon-3pm. Tickets here.

Scream Hollow is open December 13-14, and December 20-21, from 6pm-11pm each night. Tickets here.

House of Torment in Austin will be open December 13-14, and December 20. Hours are 8pm-Midnight each night. Tickets here.

Screamworld in Houston will be open on December 13, 8pm-11pm. Tickets here.

Ripley’s Haunted Adventure in San Antonio, and Haunted Mayfield Manor in Galveston are open all year. Check their sites for times and prices.


Haunted Houses Open After Halloween

01.11.2019 (4:56 am) – Filed under: Haunted House Listings

Halloween is over, but many haunted attractions will be open this Friday and/or Saturday. A few will be open the weekend of the 8th and 9th. Check the statewide haunted house listing page for hours of the haunt that you want to see this weekend, and beyond. Ripley’s Haunted Adventure and Mayfield Manor are open all year. Cutting Edge and Dark Hour open for special nights in the off season. Texas Haunts will be open and updated all year, so check back with us for listings of special events between December and July. Thanks for visiting our site this season, and we hope you had a great Halloween. The 2020 season of Texas Haunts will begin in August of 2020!



Happy Halloween!

29.10.2019 (7:23 pm) – Filed under: Halloween Links

Happy Halloween from Texas Haunts! We hope you have a great time, and to help with that, here is a rundown of what there is to do on Halloween.

Haunted Houses-Aside from Screams, all haunted attractions are open for Halloween. Check our statewide haunted house listings for times. Generally, haunted houses close earlier on Halloween, usually around 10pm.

Parties/Trick or Treating/Other Events-Check our listing of Halloween events and other Halloween activities for everything other than haunted houses and movies.

Movies-Most Alamo Drafthouses, Angelikas Dallas and Plano, Texas Theater, and some Studio Movie Grills have vintage horror movies playing on Halloween. Zombieland Doubletap and Countdown are in wide release. Check our horror movie listings for showtimes and links to each theater. Check the theater’s site to verify the showtime late morning or early afternoon. I can’t stress this enough because theaters sometimes make last minute changes to showtimes.

For at home entertainment, AMC has Fearfest, TCM has vintage horror movies, SYFY has the final day of 31 Days of Halloween, Travel Channel has Ghostober, Freeform has 31 Nights of Halloween, Food Channel and Disney Channel have Halloween shows, and most other networks and channels will have some genre programming on Halloween. Check our listing of horror movies and shows for more information.

Halloween Week

With the exception of Screams, all haunted attractions are open on Halloween, and many are open Monday-Wednesday. Check listings here for the haunts you want to see. My recommended haunted houses are here. Most haunted houses will also be open Friday and Saturday. I will have a post later in the week for haunts that will be open past Halloween.

For all things Halloween, check out the following pages. All have been updated for this week.

Statewide listing of haunted attractions

Halloween movie and TV listings

Halloween Parties October 29-November 2

Other Halloween Activities

Haunted House Reviews

Halloween links

Halloween Parties October 29-November 2

27.10.2019 (11:16 pm) – Filed under: Halloween Links,Other Halloween Activities

October 29

Rocktober Halloween Bash at Wayne Ferguson Plaza in Lewisville, beginning at 5pm.

Halloween Trivia Special at Pinstripes Bowling in Ft Worth, begins at 7pm.

October 30

Flash Film Screening Halloween Films at Mockingbird Station in Dallas, begins at 7pm

Bakeology DFW Halloween Cake Decorating Class in Keller, beings at 5:30pm

Halloween Wine Glass Painting Party at Drunken Donkey in the Colony, begins at 7pm.


Alaween Halloween Carnival at Alamo Richardson, from 3-6pm.

Spooky Snaps Free Halloween Portraits at Ft Worth Camera at 4pm.

Halloween Paint Party in Dallas at 4pm.

Family Halloween Party in Dallas from 4-9pm.

Treat Street at the Stockyards in Ft Worth from 5-7pm.

Denton Halloween Fest begins at 6pm.

Halloween With the Hannah’s in Garland, begins at 6pm.

Halloween Paint Party in Dallas, begins at 6pm.

Kostumes and Karaoke Halloween Party at 7 in Carrollton.

Halloween Bash at Texas Republic in Fort Worth at 7pm.

Halloween Trivia Night at Starbucks on La Vista in Lakewood, at 7pm

Halloween Cocktail Class at 7pm at The People’s Last Stand in Dallas.

The Melvins at Trees in Deep Ellum at 7pm.

GWAR at Gas Monkey in Dallas at 7:30pm.

The Nightmare Before Christmas in concert at the Meyerson in Dallas at 7:30pm.

Halloween on Halloween at the Church, begins at 8pm.

Hall O Ween at Legacy Hall in Palno at 8pm.

Dame 5 Halloween Night in Arlington at 8pm.

Halloween Masquerade in Ft Worth at 8pm.

The House on Haunted Hill Live Ballet at 8 at Texas Theater in Dallas.

W Rooftop Halloween Night Masquerade Party at 9pm

The Throwback 90’s Halloween Party at Canton Hall in Deep Ellum at 9pm.

Darkwave Halloween Party at Free Play Denton at 9pm.

Halloween Night at Status in downtown Dallas, begins at 9pm.

Highlife Halloween Party at One Sette in Dallas, at 9pm.

Halloween Fright Night in Downtown Dallas at 10pm.

November 1

Nightmare on Singleton Halloween Bash in Dallas at 7pm.

Halloween Costume Contest at Pinstripes in Ft Worth at 7pm.

Halloween Bash and Costume Contest at The Forum in Richardson at 8pm.

November 2

Halloween Masquerade Ball in Irving at 6pm.

Angels and Demons Ball at the Stoneleigh in Dallas at 9pm.






Last Night For Screams

26.10.2019 (2:06 am) – Filed under: Screams,Screams Review

I went to Screams this Friday and had a wonderful time! The park has been upgraded since I reviewed on October 5th, and looks even better now. All other haunted attractions will be open at least on Halloween, so you can see them later this week, but this Saturday is the last night of the season for Screams. The weather will be perfect, and you can’t beat the value, so check out Screams while you still can. Be sure to stop by Full Moon Cafe, a full service bar and cafe, and say hi to Michael and Cheltsey at the bar. Order a Dracula’s Kiss, you won’t be disappointed. Check out my review of Screams here, Full Moon here, and the pics below. You can buy tickets on site, or online hereScreams opens at 7:30pm and closes at 1:30am, with ticket sales cutting off at midnight.




Halloween Weekend

24.10.2019 (8:06 pm) – Filed under: Halloween Links,Links,Listings

Here is a list of links to pages on this site that will be useful as you plan your weekend.

Statewide listing of haunted attractions

Halloween Parties

Other Halloween Activities

Halloween movies and TV listings

Screams Halloween Theme Park

Haunted House Reviews

Halloween links

Halloween Parties Through October 27

23.10.2019 (3:32 pm) – Filed under: Halloween Links,Links,Listings,Other Halloween Activities

Guide to children’s parties here.

Adult and Pet Events

Wednesday, October 23

Hotel Habana Halloween Festival

Thursday, October 24

Doublewide Halloween Bash starts at 8, show at 9.

Happy Halloween and Perfect Pie -Grapevine starts at 6:30.

Boss Babes Halloween Birthday Bash in Lake Dallas, starts at 7pm.

Pumpkin Carving at The Old Monk nightly through Halloween.

Friday, October 25

Trick or Treat at the Farmstead at Heritage Farmstead Museum in Plano, from 10am-noon.

Dallas Storytelling Guild’s Ghost Tales for Adults at 7 at Lochwood Library, close to White Rock Lake.

Free Play Arlington Night of the Living Arcade The ticketed Halloween party begins at 7pm.

Monky Events Halloween Party in Arlington, starts at 8

Dallas Halloween Bar Crawl Downtown and Deep Ellum. Starts at 8 at RBC on Commerce St.

Punch Bowl Punch Up Halloween Edition in Arlington, starts at 8.

Werewolf of London at Pocket Sandwich Theater at 8.

Perrish Cox 3rd Annual Halloween Spooktacular in Dallas, starts at 8.

Phright Night Costume Party in Arlington, starts at 9.

Leather and Laces Halloween Edition, hosted by Jeremy Piven, starts at 9:30 Statler Dallas

Hotel ZaZa’s Yelloween Halloween Bash, begins at 10.

Saturday, October 26

STEM in the park, Halloween Edition-Begins at 10am, in Dallas.

Halloween ComicFest at the Multiverse Multiverse Comics in Hurst, begins at 10am

Halloween Boogie Spooktacular at M.A.C. center in Dallas, begins at 10:30am

Halloween Cupcake Decorating Workshop-in Royse City, begins at 11am

Trick’r Treat Trains Grapevine Vintage Railroad at 11:30 am and 1:30pm

Dallas DogRRR Howl O Ween Party and Costume Contest at 3 Nations Brewing in Carrollton 1-5pm

Hilltopper Halloween Beer Tasting in Farmers Branch, begins at 1pm

Dallas Storytelling Guild’s Ghost Tales for Kids at 2 at Lochwood Library, close to White Rock Lake.

Truck Yard Halloween Party and Costume Contest for Dogs  3pm at Truck Yard in Lower Greenville

Friscovania 3pm in Frisco.

Halloween Bar Crawl at Clutch Bar on Cedar Springs, begins at 4pm

Trick or Drink Halloween Bar Crawl (2 days) begins at 4, at Playground Bar on McKinney.

Cirque Du Horror in Denton at 4.

Howl O Ween Costume Contest for pets at the Ginger Man in Southlake from 5-8.

Oaklawn Block Party-begins at 7 on the 3900 block of Cedar Springs in Dallas.

Deep Ellum Bar Crawl at STIRR on Main St at 7.

Dallas Storytelling Guild’s Ghost Tales for Adults at 7 at Lochwood Library, close to White Rock Lake.

Harley Quinn’s Fright Night Halloween Party in White Settlement, begins at 7.

Halloween Costume Paint Party at Toshio’s taste of Japan in Duncanville, begins at 7.

Come if You Dare Pole and Aerial Show in Hurst, begins at 7.

Boo’d Up Couples Paint and Trap Party in Ft Worth, begins at 7:30.

Halloween Costume Party at Z Tap and Grille in Flower Mound, begins at 8.

Doublewide Halloween Bash in downtown Dallas, begins at 8.

Werewolf of London at Pocket Sandwich Theater at 8.

2019 Halloween Bar Crawl (Saturday) at RBC in downtown Dallas, begins at 8.

Terror at Texas Halloween Party in Arlington, begins at 8.

Three Links Halloween Party at Three Links in Deep Ellum, begins at 8pm.

3rd Annual Car Wreck and Cowboy and the Key Party at On Premise in Deep Ellum, begins at 8.

Haunted W Halloween Costume Party in the W Hotel, begins at 9.

Halloween Twerk and Sip at Ruby Room in downtown Dallas, begins at 9:30pm.

9th Annual Mega Masquerade and Costume Bash at House of Blues in Dallas, at 10.

Halloween TricksNTreats on Kiest Blvd in Dallas at 10pm.

Sunday, October 27

Trick’r Treat Trains Grapevine Vintage Railroad at 1:30pm and 3:30pm

Halloween Slime Fest at Tinted Beauty in Irving, begins at 2.

Halloween SafeTacular  for Kids and Pets at the Ron Kirk Bridge at 4pm

Halloween Murder at Sherlock’s in Addison at 6.

Werewolf of London at Pocket Sandwich Theater at 7.











Final Weekend for Screams

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This coming weekend is your last chance to see Screams this year! Please remember that Screams will not be open on Halloween, so this Friday and Saturday are the final days for the 2019 season at Screams. All of the haunted attractions, and most of the park, have been remodeled for this season, so even if you’ve seen Screams in the past, there will be things for you to see. Please refer to my review of Screams from October 5th for more detailed information.

Screams has five main attractions, Cursed: the Witches of Terra Mythica Castle, Hotel D’Feers, Capt’n Barbarosa’s Blood Harbour (3D), PT Harmum’s Carnival of Chaos (maze), and the Zombie Wasteland Apocalypse trail. I listed the attractions in the best order to see them in, especially if you don’t have a fast pass. Screams also has a large food court, three pubs, and a full service bar and cafe called Full Moon Cafe. Full Moon has an excellent selection of Halloween specialty drinks (Dracula’s Kiss is my favorite) and great bartenders. They also have good food, generous portions, and reasonable prices. Full Moon is well decorated too, it’s like eating and drinking inside a haunted house. You can find Full Moon Cafe on the side of the food court by the West Market Arch.

Screams also has Scaryoke in the covered seating area next to Taboo Tavern, games of skill across from the food court, Halloween related shops, wax hands, henna tattoos, palm and tarot readings, and feather extensions.

Screams has general admission tickets, fast passes, and group tickets available here. Group tickets have to be purchased in advance, online. They are not available at the ticket booth.

Screams has never been better, so be sure to check it out this weekend! Screams is located in Waxahachie, on the Scarborough Faire grounds. Their address is 2511 FM 66 Waxahachie, TX 75167. If you are coming from the north, take exit 399A from I-35, and head west (right), if you are coming from the south, take exit 399, and head west (left). Screams is 1.6 miles west of I-35. Visit their site here for more information.




Recommended Haunted Houses

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With the Halloween season entering it’s final phase, I thought I would post a list of haunted attractions that I personally recommend. Keep in mind that I live in the DFW area and mostly see haunted houses around here, so most of the recommended haunts will be in this region.

Screams-A great haunted park with five major attractions, games, merchants, and lots of options for food and alcohol at three pubs, plus a full service bar and cafe.

Cutting Edge-A huge haunted house in downtown Fort Worth. As good a haunted house as you will find anywhere, it takes over half an hour to go through it.

Thrillvania-A large haunt park in Terrell, about 30 minutes east of downtown Dallas. Three attractions, including the famous Verdun Manor.

Texas Scaregrounds-A haunted house in a haunted hospital, in Mineral Wells, west of Fort Worth. It’s a fun, intense house, and it’s nestled in an area with major paranormal hotspots. You can combine Texas Scaregrounds with a ghost hunt in the old hospital it’s in, as well as the nearby Baker Hotel.

Waco Haunted Houses-Two attractions and a nice gift shop on the northbound access road of I-35. a little north of Waco. These are great looking haunted houses, and everyone has fun here, including the actors.

Dark Hour-Fantastic props and decor, and first rate actors make this Plano haunted house one of the best in the country.

Scream Hollow-A huge haunt park southeast of Austin with multiple attractions, and a cafe and bar.

Screamworld-If you are in the Houston area, this is a must see haunted attraction.

13th Gate-World famous, and deservedly so. The best haunt in Louisiana, by far. People travel from all over the country to see 13th Gate.

House of Torment in Austin and San Antonio’s 13th Floor-Owned by the same company, they feature movie quality sets, props, costumes, and makeup.


Cutting Edge Haunted House Review

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October 13, 2019


Site Here

Location-1701 East Lancaster Avenue. Fort Worth, Texas 76102. Just west of the I-30/I-35 interchange, on E. Lancaster. Cutting Edge is on the north side of the street, parking is on the other side of the street. Directions here.

Phone-817 348 8444

Dates and Hours open-October 18 from 7pm-12:30am, October 19 from 7pm-1am, October 20 from 8pm-10pm, October 24 from 8pm-10pm, October 25 from 7pm-1am, October 26 from 7pm-1am, October 27 from 8pm-10:30pm, October 30 from 8pm-10pm, Halloween from 7pm-10:30pm, November 1 from 9pm-10:30pm, November 2 from 9pm-10:30pm.

Price-Cash only at the box office. Credit cards can only be used for tickets online. Click here to buy tickets. Tax is not include in the prices listed below.

General Admission-$34.99, plus a $3.75 fee online.

Timed Ticket-Allows you to drastically cut the wait time in line. No more than a 30-45 minute wait on busy nights. Choose your time when you buy the ticket. $44.99, plus a $3.75 fee online.

Speedpass-Allows you to skip the wait altogether on slow nights, and the wait is around 10 minutes on busy nights. $54.99, plus a $3.75 fee online.

Combo with Thrillvania General Admission ticket-Can be used on any open night. $70 if purchased onsite, on sale for $59.99 online, plus a $3.75 fee online.

Speedpass with Thrillvania Combo ticket-Can be used on any open night. $105 if purchased onsite, on sale online for $84.99, plus a $3.75 fee online.

Group tickets-Group rate tickets are for 15 or more tickets purchased, and they must be purchased online for the group rate discount.

Group rate General Admission-On sale for $29.75, plus a $3.75 fee

Group rate timed ticket-$38.25 online plus a $3.75 service fee, $45 onsite.

Group rate Speedpass-On sale for $46.75 plus a $3.75 fee

Coupon Promo codes here.

Parking is $15-$20. Parking is now across the street. Credit cards are accepted for parking.

Miscellaneous-Cutting Edge is an indoor haunted house, but they have changed their parking this year to open up the area around the haunted house. With plenty of room, Cutting Edge has a souvenir shop,  a barbecue stand, and a stand with an assorted menu. Now you can get something to eat and spend some time outside the haunt, before or after you go in.

Even though the haunted house is indoors, it is a huge house, so you need to wear comfortable shoes. There are stairs, and some wet areas, so your shoes also need to have some traction. Do not wear anything that can’t get wet. Also, keep your phone in your pocket. You don’t want to lose it, or for it to get wet. Speaking of phones, remember that flash photography is not allowed inside Cutting Edge.

Walk through time-This will vary, depending on how fast you walk, and how good your night vision is. We made it through in about 35 minutes, but we did not go through the bubble tunnel at the end. Taking the bypass probably cut a couple of minutes off of the time.


Cutting Edge began changing it’s outside two years ago. What used to be their main parking lot is now used for music, concessions, and space for people to move around. Figures on horseback line the area around the haunted house entrance, and the giant skull that you walk through to enter the house is shrouded in mist. Once inside, actors are on you quickly while you approach a high speed vortex tunnel. The tunnel was almost fast enough to force me to hold onto the rails to get through. The tunnel sets the tone for the rest of the house, fast and intense. Mist in this area was a nice touch.

There is a nice wasteland zone, with actors jumping around, and props that look like something out of a zombie movie. Shortly after the wasteland, there is an interesting area with long racks of clothing. You have to walk between the racks, with very little room to move. Actors hide in the clothes and either pop out, or wave a hand in front of your face as you pass by. There are either lots of actors in this area, or there are some very fast actors who stay on customers as they make their way through.

One thing I really like about Cutting Edge this year is the lighting. Throughout the haunt, there is great mood lighting with lanterns, which are used to light many of the hallways. They could be Victorian, or Old West.  Scene lighting is also effective, with red light in one area, while white light is used to reduce vision to almost nothing in some areas.

The laboratory/experiment area seems to have been worked on in the off season, and the detail is impressive this year. The dim lighting in this fairly dark sets of the props and decor nicely.

You go down a flight of stairs to get to my favorite area, the swamp. It’s something you would expect to find in Louisiana, in the bayou region. There are Voodoo looking creatures, and the actors have great makeup and costumes. This is the most atmospheric part of Cutting Edge, with beautiful decor, and ghostly lighting. The path winds tightly, and the bridge is very cool. There is one area, sort of like a crypt, that reminded me of graveyards I’ve seen in the New Orleans area. Swamp actors were active, there were lots of hands close to my face as I walked through. They got close to me on the narrow path, but not too close. There is a area that transitions from the cemetery to the funeral home that looked great, with reddish lighting and interesting props.

The funeral home has some good props, nice caskets, and what looked like a crematorium. There are some very dark areas toward the middle of the house. It’s not like the old days when you had to feel along the walls for a good portion of the haunt, but the dark areas are still effective, especially if darkness is a phobia of your’s.

My second favorite part of Cutting Edge is what I call the farm. It looks more like something out of Pumpkinhead than Texas Chainsaw Massacre. You go through the farm house, then the farm itself. It also has an Old West look to it in some areas. Parts of this area could pass as a mining camp. Whatever it’s meant to be, the effect is creepy. As with the rest of Cutting Edge, the actors really get into character and this area probably has better hiding places for them than in most of the haunt.

A clown area replaces the old blackout maze. The first part of the clown house looks like what you might see in a macabre circus. There are extremely detailed props. A lot of time must have been spent painting this part of the haunt. The clowns do not make the mistake I’ve seen in other houses where they just stand in your way and honk a horn. The Cutting Edge clowns run around their area and are able to come back to the same group a couple of times.

There is a heavily misted area close the end of the house that I mistook for the beginning of the bubble tunnel. At the end, I decided to take the bypass before the tunnel filled with bubbles. The bypass is in plain site this year, just go left instead of right.


Final Thoughts

Cutting Edge actors are always among the best in the industry, but they are really special this year. They must practice getting their hands close to people’s faces, without touching. They did this frequently in all areas of Cutting Edge, and it’s a very effective technique when they can hide next to the path or hall. They are also great at finding places to hide so that you are almost on top of them when they jump out at you. Team work was impressive this year. Several groups of actors worked together, with one coming at you from the left, while a second later another jumped out on the right. The costumers, make up artists, and the set designer exceeded the level of quality of previous years. I didn’t see any actors without the ideal costume and make up for his or her part of the house. The decor is now approaching the level of places like Verdun Manor and House of Torment. Cutting Edge has always been intense and scary, and it now looks great too.

A major problem in all large haunted houses is that slow customers cause a pile up that leads to everyone walking through the haunted house in a long line, making it impossible for actors to startle anyone, and causing most customers to miss the effects that are set off by motion plates on the ground. Cutting Edge has solved this problem by having breaks through the house, where people can listen to live music, or entertainment on screens, while they wait to go further. A talented trio of drummers are in the first break area, and a band called Chasing Rent is in the second break area. Some sort of clown programming was in the third break area, before the clown house. After a few minutes you and your group go forward into the haunted house, without a bunch of people in front of you. The wait in line in the break areas might be irritating in a smaller haunted house, but Cutting Edge is so large that a brief rest is welcome.

Cutting Edge has continued to make improvements each year, and while previous upgrades went well, this year has seen a major leap forward in both the quality of the haunted house, and the outside area, which is now fun to spend time in. Even the parking is better this year. It used to be a pain to get in and out of the parking lot because there was so little space. The new parking areas are spacious, and exiting is now simpler since the cars aren’t crammed into a small area. The price of parking has gone up, but the extra convenience is worth it.

There are still plenty of nights remaining for you to see Cutting Edge, and it’s open late on Fridays and Saturdays. If you are going to buy a general admission ticket, I would advise you to go on a Sunday (or one of the weeknights later in the season) or to show up very early if you’re going on a Friday or Saturday. This is probably the best year ever for Cutting Edge, so make sure you it at least once!

Texas Scaregrounds Review

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October 12, 2019


Site here

Facebook here

Online tickets here

Dates and hours open-Open every Friday and Saturday in October, plus Halloween and November 1 and 2. 7pm-midnight.

Price-$20, group rates and combo ghost hunting tickets are available. Ghost hunting tickets, without haunted house tickets are also available, and are $20. Text 817 819 6773 for details about group rates. Bring a can of food and get $5 off the regular haunted house admission price.


Address-314 NW 4th Street Mineral Wells TX 76067

Parking-Free. A lot for Texas Scaregrounds is available at Hwy 281 and 4th street, and there is plenty of parking on the streets around the Scaregrounds.

Number of attractions-One, although a ghost hunting trip can be purchased to go with the haunted house.

Walk through time-12-15 minutes. Possibly longer if you aren’t good at mazes.


The setting for Texas Scaregrounds is one of the best I’ve seen. Scaregrounds is located in Mineral Wells, a small town west of Ft Worth, in an old multistory building called Nazarene Hospital. The hospital itself is allegedly haunted, and Baker Hotel, only a few blocks from the Scaregrounds, is on all of the paranormal sites. Nazarene Hospital is a big, creepy looking building, and it’s at the western edge of downtown Mineral Wells. When you drive down the street to the Scaregrounds, it looks like you’re driving off into the country, which helps set the mood for a haunted house. The front of the hospital building is brightly lit with what look like LED lights shining onto it, and the hospital lobby, now the ticket booth, is nicely decorated. The decor in the lobby reminds me of old school 90’s haunted houses, and it’s appropriate for the look Texas Scaregrounds is going for.

So far, Scaregrounds hasn’t used much of the huge hospital building. They are only on the first floor, but they have made the of the most of that area. Greeters begin your experience with a talk about rules and expectations within the haunt. They’re in costume and in character, so the usual bit about house rules is turned into something fun.

Most of the rooms in the Scaregrounds are like mini mazes. They don’t have obvious exits, so you have to feel along the walls and push on doors to find a way out. There are actual mazes in the haunt, which are difficult enough that one group of girls accidentally exited the house and had to be let back in to finish their trip through. Lighting is dim or dark, for the most part, which makes the mazes and mini mazes even more difficult. Actors are allowed to touch in the Scaregrounds, and they usually went for my ankles, while they were under a bed, or behind a door. When you combine very dim lighting with difficult to navigate rooms, and actors grabbing at your legs, you end up with very startled guests. There was a great deal of screaming inside the Scaregrounds. Much of it came from guests, but a fair amount came from the actors. There were several actors who screamed loudly and frequently, and I have to admit that it was unnerving. There were also lots of actors in every area and room. I use a voice recording app on my phone to make notes while I walk through haunted houses, and I like to speak into the phone when there are no actors around. In the entire haunt, I was only alone twice, so I ended up making notes with actors around me, screaming quite a bit of the time.

Props and decor inside the haunt do their job, which is to set you up to be scared by the actors. I like the creative use of space to break the place up and increase the walk through time. Being as dark as it is, some of the guests were frightened enough to panic and back up, and, as I mentioned, one group backed up all the way out of the place. It’s an intense experience, so you might want to avoid bringing very young kids, unless they are very difficult to frighten. I was nervous most of the way through, and I’m pretty desensitized to haunted houses, so most guests will end up jumping around at least a few times.

The price at Scaregrounds ($20) is great, and you can get another $5 off by bringing a can of food to donate. I wish that I had scheduled a ghost hunt to go along with my visit to the Scaregrounds, and I suggest that you do just that. You can do both for $35 (with a donation of a can of food) and, if you have the time, you can also go by the Baker Hotel for a ghost walk. That has to be scheduled as well, but you can do it all if you plan a few days in advance. If you are from out of town, highways 180 and 281 have lots of dining options, fast food and restaurants. I suggest that you plan ahead and make a night of your visit to Mineral Wells. I live in middle of DFW, and it took less than an hour and half to get to Mineral Wells. People in Fort Worth and the rest of the western side of DFW can get there in much less time. Ghost hunting at Nazarene Hospital and the Baker Hotel, in addition to Texas Scaregrounds, will make your trip more than worthwhile.

Thrillvania Haunted House Park Review

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October 11, 2019


Site Here

Location-At the southeast corner of I-20 and Wilson Rd in Terrell. 2330 Co Rd 138, Terrell, TX 75161. Across from the TA truckstop. About 25-30 minutes east of downtown Dallas.

Phone  972-428-9653

Dates and hours open-Fridays and Saturdays in October. Saturday, October 12, from 8:30-10:30pm, Friday, October 18, from 8:30pm-10pm. Saturday, October 19, from 8:30pm-11pm. Friday, October 25, from 8:30pm-10:30pm, and Saturday, October 26, from 8:30pm-11:30pm.

Price-General admission tickets are $32.99, plus tax. Speedpass tickets are 52.99, plus tax. A $3.75 is charged for online ticket purchases. Parking is $10 per car. Tickets can be bought online here.  Group tickets (15 or more) and combo tickets with Cutting Edge are also available here.

Miscellaneous-Thrillvania is a haunted park, so wear comfortable shoes with good traction. Thrillvania does have concessions, with great corn dogs, among other offerings. There is a second concessions stand just inside the park, but it only has snacks and soft drinks. Go to the concessions stands and see Verdun and Cassandra’s before you enter the trail. The trail leads to the park exit, and you will not be able to reenter the park after the trail. A pumpkin patch is located just inside the park grounds.

Number of attractions-Three: Verdun Manor, Cassandra’s House of Clowns, Sam Hain’s Trail of Torment.

Walk through time, for all attractions: 30-40 minutes, depending on how fast you and the people in front of you walk.


Improvements have been made in all three main attractions at Thrillvania, and there were far more people in the park than last year when we reviewed. All animatronics were working, though there seemed to be fewer of them than in the past. It would be nice to see more merchants in the midway in coming years, since one of the things that made the old Thrillvania special was that it was a Halloween festival, in addition to having Verdun, Cassandra’s, and Sam Hain’s. Food concessions are still in place, with the main concession close to Verdun Manor, and a smaller concession close to the park entrance. When you’re at Thrillvania, you need to get at least one corn dog. Your visit won’t be complete without it. The main concession stand has great corn dogs, plus frito pies, funnel cakes, and other carnival food. The smaller concession stand has candy and soft drinks only. If you’re in the market for a pumpkin or two, you’re in luck because you have to walk through a pumpkin patch to get into the park.

This year, a park employee greets you as soon as you enter, and lets you know that you won’t be able to reenter the park after you’ve exited Sam Hain’s trail, and suggests that you see everything before entering the trail. You can start with Verdun Manor, but I think it’s best to begin with Cassandra’s House of Clowns. It’s right in front of the park entrance, and the line won’t be long if you arrive early, so it’s a fun way to get the evening started. Cassandra’s is a 3D clown house, featuring a vortex tunnel, lots of neon paint, an area divided by high wire fences, and lots of hyper clowns climbing the fences. High energy, club music plays loudly, which is disorienting, and makes it more of a challenge to get through the house. The actors are the best part of Cassandra’s. Getting in your face is their thing, and they do it in every part of the house. The 3D glasses reduce peripheral vision, so the clowns tend to come at you from the side. They make good use of hiding places and sometimes circle back to scare you again.

The best time to get your corn dog is after Cassandra’s and before Verdun, since you have to walk through the midway to get to Verdun. The Manor was bathed in eerie red lighting as we approached, and the mist in the graveyard in front of Verdun enhanced the atmosphere. The lamps around the trail and entrance to Verdun were great looking, with about six lights per lamp. The graveyard in front of Verdun was heavily fogged, which got customers in the mood for the Manor.

Once you get into Verdun, you walk through the parlor, dining room and library. They look good, much as they did 20 years ago. Attention to detail in decor has always been a strong point for Verdun. The actors blend in well with life sized figures, and have good enough timing to frighten guests regularly . The stairwells aren’t as well decorated as in the past, but this isn’t a big deal. I like the upgrades to the laboratory, the catacombs are as good as ever, and the evisceration area is still cool looking. The residential area upstairs is probably the best part of Verdun now. It didn’t seem like Verdun took as long to go through as usual, but it’s still fun and the props and decor are great.

As I mentioned before, be sure that you do not want to do anything else before entering Sam Hain’s trail. You’ll exit the park after the trail. There are three shacks that are large enough for actors and scenes, including one that has fog some fog in it. There are lots of hanging figures in the trees, and the lighting is effective in creating an eerie atmosphere through the trail. The actors do a pretty good job of frightening the guests, for the most part, but it would be nice if the actors in the very good looking jack o’lantern display would either let people just enjoy the display, or jump out and scare people, instead of standing there trying to carry on a conversation.

There aren’t too many nights left for you to see Thrillvania, and it’s definitely worth a look, even if you’ve been there in the past. Enough changes have been made to keep it fresh, even if you’ve seen it many times in the past.



Full Moon Cafe at Screams

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Full Moon Cafe is the full bar and full service cafe at Screams, on the west end of the Food Court area. Cheltsey and Michael are excellent bartenders, and Rachael looks after the dining area. This is the only place in Screams where you can eat, drink and pay with a credit card. Full Moon has plenty of seating and is well decorated. It’s dimly lit, with a cozy Halloween feel to it, and the bartenders and servers dress up in Halloween costumes. I spoke with a few people who said that this is their favorite place to go in Screams. The food was excellent on our visit (we had bacon and cheese fries, plus cheeseburgers) and I love the Dracula’s Kiss drink. It’s refreshing, and has a kick since it’s vodka based. Cheltsey has come up with a peanut butter and banana flavored drink that tastes like ice cream, that was very welcome on the incredibly hot night of our review. Other Halloween specialty drinks are available, and Michael and Cheltsey can take requests. Full Moon is a great place to begin, or end your night at Screams.



Screams Halloween Theme Park Review

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October 5, 2019


Site here

Facebook here

Tickets here


Location-2511 FM 66 Waxahachie, TX 75167

Directions-from Dallas: Take I-35E South to Exit 399A, Go west on FM66 1.6 miles

From Ft Worth: Take Hwy 287 South to I-35E South, Take I-35E South to Exit 399A, Go west on FM66 1.6 miles

From Waco:Due to I-35E construction, the exit for Screams has temporarily changed to exit 397 on northbound I-35E. Proceed to FM66, go west 1.6 miles

Attractions-Five major haunted attractions, plus a cemetery trail, food court, multiple taverns, a great full service bar and cafe (Full Moon Cafe) games of skill, a climbing tower, live music, Scaryoke, Halloween related merchants, a psychic, Henna tattoos, wax hands, palm readings, and more!

Full Moon Cafe is the full bar and full service cafe at Screams, on the west end of the Food Court area. Cheltsea and Michael are excellent bartenders, and Rachael looks after the dining area. This is the only place in Screams where you can eat, drink and pay with a credit card. Full Moon has plenty of seating and is well decorated. It’s dimly lit, with a cozy Halloween feel to it, and the bartenders and servers dress up in Halloween costumes. I spoke with a few people who said that this is their favorite place to go in Screams. The food was excellent on our visit (we had bacon and cheese fries, plus cheeseburgers) and I love the Dracula’s Kiss drink. It’s refreshing, and has a kick since it’s vodka based. Cheltsea has come up with a peanut butter and banana flavored drink that tastes like ice cream, that was very welcome on the incredibly hot night of our review. Other Halloween specialty drinks are available, and Michael and Cheltsea can take requests. Full Moon is a great place to begin, or end your night at Screams.

Dates open-Fridays and Saturdays in October, from 7:30pm-1:30am. Ticket sales end at midnight.

Tickets-General admission is $35 at the box office, $32 online (plus a $1 service fee) while group tickets are $30 for groups of 15 or more. Group tickets have to be purchased in advance and are not available at the gate. Fast passes are $20 each, and are highly advisable later in the season. $4 off coupons are available at participating T-Mobile stores.

Parking -Parking is free

Miscellaneous info-Always wear comfortable shoes or boots at Screams. You will have problems in high heels. This is a park, and the terrain is natural. On warm nights, dress in your coolest clothing, but on colder nights, remember that Screams is in the country, so it’s going to be several degrees cooler than DFW or Austin. Remember to not wear costumes or masks. For security reasons, guests can’t wear either at Screams.

Walk through time-Around an hour for all of the attractions combined. Please keep in mind that this is a haunted park, not just a haunted house. A great deal of the fun at Screams is being able to walk around, checking out merchants, music, and eating and drinking. It’s best to allow a good part of the night to spend at Screams. You can go through the attractions as many times as you want, although having a fast pass really helps if you want to see the attractions multiple times. On our review, we arrived before the park opened, and left around midnight. We could easily have spent more time in the park. This is a place to take your time, have fun, and relax.


Screams is the largest Halloween park I’ve been to, and it helps to have a plan for seeing the main attractions. I always advise people to see the attractions first, and eat and drink afterward. I save checking out the games and merchants for after dinner and drinks. It’s also fun to mix it up and alternate between roaming around the park and visiting the food court and Full Moon Cafe, but see the attractions first. On busy nights, Screams can be kind of hectic, so below is the schedule that I follow when I review Screams. It’s worked well for me for many years. If you need to orient yourself, a map of the park is located next to the entrance to the cemetery trail, in front of the park entrance. A signpost pointing out the direction of the attractions and services is in front of the souvenir shop, also close to the park entrance. Reviews of the individual attractions follow my guide.

As tempting as it is to go through the cemetery trail in front of the park entrance, it’s always best to start with the Witches of Terra Mythica Castle. The line for the Castle becomes long early in the evening, and even the fast pass wait can eat heavily into your evening. See the Castle first, then go to your right after exiting the Castle, walk uphill to the trail from the food court to the park entrance, and take a right. That will take you to Hotel D’Feers, which will be on your right. After the Hotel, head straight across the park to Blood Harbour, the 3D pirate themed funhouse. When you exit Blood Harbour, take a right and go to Carnival of Chaos, a clown themed maze. Zombie Wasteland is the main trail at Screams and is located behind the food court. From the Carnival exit, head straight across the park to the food court, wrap around the food court, and you will find Zombie Wasteland. The lines at Zombie Wasteland are usually not as long as at the other big attractions, so I save it for last.

Once you have been through the main attractions, you’ll have worked up an appetite, and the food court is next to the exit for Zombie Wasteland. For food, you have a choice of the full service Full Moon Cafe, located on the west side of the food court, or a wide variety of carnival food at the court itself. Fajitas, pizza, turkey legs, barbecue sandwiches, chicken or sausage on a stick are some of the offerings at the food court. 21 and over can find alcohol at Taboo Tavern, Spider Web Bar, and the Morgue Tavern. All are located in the food court area. Full Moon Cafe is the only place in Screams with a full bar.

After you’ve eaten and visited the taverns, you can turn your attention to playing and shopping. Across from the food court, by the exit for the Castle, are the games, and a well decorated kettle corn stand. Henna Tattoos is now located catty-corner from the food court. Nightly Scaryoke is held at the stage under the pavilion by Taboo Tavern (it’s the King’s Pub Stage during Scarborough) and the main stage (at the back of the park, Crown Meadow Stage during Scarborough) features live musical acts. If you want to rock climb, or just watch people climb, a climbing tower is located close to the Carnival of Chaos.

For shopping, head to Merchant’s Row, located close to the park entrance. Waxed hands, Glo items, jewelry, tombstones, glass pipes, feather extensions, a psychic, tarot card readings, and palm readings are all on Merchant’s Row. Screams also has a souvenir shop located between Merchant’s Row and the park entrance. Before you leave, don’t forget the cemetery trail, with some of the coolest lighting and props in the park. It’s located directly across from the park entrance. There is no line for this trail, you just walk in. It’s a nice way to wind up the evening, and you can get some good pictures without using a flash.

Main Attractions:

Cursed: The Witches of Terra Mythica Castle

The Castle has a great setting. You can see pictures taken from the trail leading to the castle in the gallery below. I love the lighting of the Castle walls and the flames shooting out, near the Castle entrance. You walk over a little bridge to get into the Castle, passing under a gate. Action comes as soon as you are inside, with actors all around you while you’re surrounded by undead armored knights. Dark hallways lead into the dungeon, illuminated by dim lighting, alternating between red, blue, and green. A swampy area follows after a bridge, with heavy fog and orange lighting. Look for the library in this area, it has some of the best decor in Screams. The sound effects are creepy, with werewolves and bats seemingly around you as you descend into the catacombs. This is my favorite part of the Castle. It could be my imagination, but the walkway seems to narrow in this area, and the lighting is perfectly adjusted to unnerve you. An extra long vibrating bridge frightened the group in front of us, and actors kept popping in and out of the hall. A group of angry witches follow the catacombs, giving you a proper send off, although there is more to be seen just outside the Castle.

Throughout the Castle, halls are narrow and well decorated, with actors blending in with the scenery. There are two actors who are so well camouflaged that they can’t be detected until they jump out at you. If you want to try to look for them, they are in the swamp and catacombs. I thought that the one in the catacombs was part of the wall. This is the largest and best decorated attraction at Screams, and it’s probably the most intense, though Hotel D’Feers gives it strong competition in that department. I’ve mentioned this before, but be sure to see the Castle first.

Hotel D’Feers

Actors in the Hotel waste no time. Two or three are there to “greet” guests just past the entrance, with quite a bit of movement and screaming. The screaming girl must use a bag of lozenges a night because she didn’t stop until we were well past the front room. Playing elevator music after the front room was an interesting choice, it made for a sharp contrast with the chaos at the entrance to the Hotel. Heavy fog follows and guests move very slowly in this area, due to limited visibility, so slow down too and avoid forming a conga line for the rest of the Hotel. In addition to heavy fog, there are lots of twists and turns in the hallway, plus animatronic props popping out. The actors interact with you, asking for a donation of body parts from time to time. A foggy swamp changed the mood of the Hotel, apparently the place has fallen into such disrepair that heavy vegetation has taken over. Try to find the camouflaged actor in the swamp. You won’t be able to, but you’ll have fun trying. White strobes and more fog are disorienting just past the swamp, with wooden fencing keeping you from wandering off the path. The residential part of the Hotel that follows has a run down, Texas Chainsaw look and feel to it, with energetic actors making almost as much noise as the screaming girl at the front.

The Hotel is loud, foggy, and designed to keep you on edge. It’s not as long as the Castle, but it’s close to being as intense. The actors are the main attraction of this haunt. I’m not sure how many there were, but they didn’t let up on the guests at any point.

Capt’n Barbarossa’s Blood Harbour

This year all of Blood Harbour is 3D. The outside of the haunt is dark, with the exception of the area around the sign, but the inside is covered in bright neon paint, with props appropriate for a pirate ship.  The vortex tunnel and the hallway of crabs are my favorites, but the shaking hallway is fun too. 3D glasses make it difficult to see the doors the actors use to pop in and out, so they nearly always surprised me. The laser and smoke effect that makes it look like you’re waist deep in water worked much better this year. All animatronics were in good working order, sound effects were loud enough to be distracting, which helped the actors sneak up on our group. This is one of the last dedicated 3D houses around, so be sure to check it out after the Hotel. Everyone in Blood Harbour seemed to have a good time, including the actors.

PT Harmum’s Carnival of Chaos

This is a clown heavy maze, with chain link fencing, and lots of strobes to disorient you. The clowns give terrible directions and harass throughout the maze. Loud carnival music also makes it difficult to concentrate. For the first time ever, my group found the exit quickly, and with no outside help. Randell, a member of the review team, has a freakish ability to navigate mazes. He heads for the middle of the maze, somehow pictures the layout from there, and finds the exit quickly. We did see an interesting circus scene made of dinosaur bones and clowns, and a four clown animatronic with Pennywise that moved like a train. If not for Randell, the strobes and clowns would have kept me in the maze for a long time and would have forced me to do what I usually do, which is to use an emergency exit to get out. Try Randell’s strategy and get to middle of the maze, then try to go straight ahead from there.

Zombie Wasteland…Apocalypse

The location of the zombie trail is important. Being at the back of Screams allows the trail to seem isolated once you enter, and the surrounding Scarborough buildings add to the eerie atmosphere. The terrain does look like a wasteland, with overturned cars, burnt out electronics, and ruined buildings around the trail. Creepy sound effects block out sound from the rest of the park, and set the mood for the entire trail. Props are perfectly lit, and the zombie computer room is probably the first of it’s kind. Strobes are well placed, and alternating between red, blue and orange lighting in different areas works well. I love this part of Scarborough (Holly Field) and I had thought that it would make a great haunted trail during Screams. I would like for the trail to go deeper into Holly Field, but it’s winding layout does give actors plenty of opportunities to scare guests. Speaking of the actors, they really get into their roles. They deserve a lot of credit for going all out on an incredibly hot and humid night. Their level of intensity makes me wonder how great they will be on colder nights, when people and makeup aren’t melting. I heard more screams from guests in Zombie Wasteland than in any other attraction at Screams. The actors were so in character that the guests were freaked out by the end. This is an attraction to go through more than once, especially if you have a fast pass.

2018 was a season that featured major upgrades at Screams. 2019 continues the park wide upgrades. New props and decorations by the ticket booth and front gate get people in the mood to be scared, the main attractions have all improved, and the cemetery trail is a full length trail again. New merchants and games have been added, while the park is even better decorated than before, with great attention to detail from the outside of the park, all the way back to Zombie Wasteland. Screams has never looked better, and it’s still the best overall value in North Texas. It is possible to see the attractions pretty quickly, if you arrive early or get a fast pass, but Screams is so much more fun if you take your time and make a night of it. This is the greatest Halloween festival close to DFW, and the weather is finally going to feel like Fall this coming weekend, so see Screams while the cool weather lasts!