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Texas Haunts 2014

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Welcome to Texas Haunts, your source for listings of Texas haunted houses, as well as other haunted attractions. Please click on the haunted house links for information about dates of operation, prices, location, and directions. Thanks for visiting and please come again soon!


Haunted Houses Opening October 17

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East Texas

Darkwood Haunted Mall  Wills Point  7pm “until the last victim departs”

West Texas

DefCon 1 Haunted House  Odessa  7pm-Midnight

Opening October 11

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North Texas

Fear Factory Insanitarium  The Colony  8pm-Midnight

Screams 2014 Opening

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My favorite haunted park, Screams, opens for the 2014 season this Friday, October 3rd! The park opens at 7:30pm and closes at 1:30am, though you should be there before 11pm if you want to see all of the attractions. Ticket sales end at midnight. My advice is to get there as early as possible (I’m always there before 7:30) so that you can go through the five haunted attractions early, and then eat and drink for the rest of the night.

Castle of Darkness is the largest attraction, and it also has the longest line later in the evening, so that is the first one to see. Try the Hotel of Horror next since it is next to the Castle. On the other side of the park, 3D Pirates of Peril Point is a good funhouse, and the CarnEvil Maze is next to it. Pirates also gets a long line later in the evening, so it’s a good idea to see it after you finish with the Hotel of Horror. The Ghoulish Graveyard is an outdoor attraction that does not have a line. You just walk in and follow the trail around the graveyard. It’s tempting to go through it first since it is the first thing you see upon entering the park, but I save it for last since it doesn’t have a line.

Screams has a wide variety of food, plus alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. The main food court is at the end of park, and there are a couple of concessions stands between the entrances for Castle of Darkness and the Hotel of Horror. There are two taverns in the main food court serving alcohol, and the Full Moon Cafe is full service and has a bar with liquor, in addition to beer and wine.

In addition to the main attractions, Screams has live music on it’s main stage, Scary-oke in the Taboo Tavern, rides, games of skill, a climbing tower, tarot readings, Henna tattoos, wax hands, and various Halloween themed shops on Merchants Row.

The setting and atmosphere at Screams can’t be beaten. This has been my favorite place to be in October since 1996 (I was there for it’s opening night in September of ’96) and it’s the only haunted attraction I’m going to this year. The price ($27 per regular ticket if bought in person, $24 if purchased online) is also a bargain since you can go through the main attractions as many times as you want. Discount coupons are available at Long John Silvers and the Waxahachie Autoplex. A $40 ticket/meal deal for two coupon is available at DFW Metro PCS stores. Group tickets ($22 per person, for 15 or more tickets, must be purchased in advance online) and military discounts (purchased in person,$3 off with military ID, good for up to four additional family members) are available, see the Screams site for more info. Tickets may be purchased online through the Screams site, and at their onsite ticket office. A $15 fast pass is also available, and is a good idea later in the season, or if you arrive late. Parking is free. Remember to wear comfortable clothing, especially comfortable shoes!

Screams is located on the Scarborough Fairegrounds, about 30 minutes south of downtown Dallas. Take I-35 and use exit 399A. If you want to map it, the address is:

2511 FM 66
Waxahachie, TX 75167

Screams is open on all Fridays and Saturdays in October.


Haunted Houses Opening October 1-4

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Hours are for the opening night only. Check the haunted house’s site for other dates and hours.

Opening Wednesday, October 1

West Texas

Amarillo Scaregrounds  Amarillo  7:30pm-10pm

Van Buren Frightmare  Amarillo  7pm-9pm


Opening Thursday, October 2

Houston Area

Houston Screamfest  Houston  8pm-10:30pm

West Texas

Halls of Horror  Lubbock  “Dark to Late”


Opening Friday, October 3

DFW Area

Screams  Waxahachie  7:30pm-1:30am

The Dark Path Haunt  Denton  8pm-Midnight

Haunted Shadows Lake Trail  The Colony  7:30pm-Midnight

Central Texas

Dead Zone/Texas Chainsaw Nightmare  Elm Mott (Waco Area)  8pm-Midnight

Houston Area

Houston Terror Dome  Houston  8pm-Midnight

Nightmare on 1960  Humble  7:30pm-11pm

Soul Asylum Haunt  New Waverly  Dusk-Midnight

West Texas

Terror Trail  Canutillo (El Paso area)  7:30pm-Midnight

Nightmare on Main Street  Vernon  7:30pm-10pm

South Texas

Fright Night Haunted House  Corpus Christi  7pm-Midnight

East Texas

Terror Trails  Yantis  Dusk-Midnight

Frightmares  Seven Points  7pm-1am

Dam B Haunted Village  Vidor  Dusk-Midnight

The Asylum Haunted House  Miller’s Cove  7:30pm-11pm


The 13th Ward  Broken Arrow  7:30pm-11pm

Outpost 58  Dewey  7:30pm-11:30pm

Psycho Path Haunt  Sperry  7pm-11pm

Nightmare in the Country  Woodward  8pm-11pm


Evil Visions Haunted House  Monroe  7pm-Midnight


Opening Saturday, October 4

DFW Area

The Crypt  Farmersville  7:30pm-11pm

East Texas

Jefferson Fright Train  Jefferson  The festival opens at 6pm, the first train ride is at 7pm




All 2014 Reviews Are Cancelled

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After 10 consecutive years as a reviewer, and 12 years prior to that as a customer, the admin needs a long break from reviewing and from haunted houses in general. Texas Haunts will not review in 2014, but the statewide haunted house listings will remain up, and weekly haunted house opening updates will be posted. My apologies to the haunted houses I’ve scheduled reviews with.

If I were a customer, Screams, Thrillvania, and Cutting Edge are the only haunted attractions in the DFW area that I would pay to see. That is advice coming from someone who has seen every haunted attraction within 100 miles of DFW, in most cases many times. Have a great Halloween season and check back for complete, statewide weekly lists of haunted house opening dates.

Thrillvania Opens This Saturday

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Thrillvania, one of the best haunt parks in the nation, opens this Saturday, September 27. Their hours for Saturday are 7:30pm-midnight.

Haunted Houses Opening September 25-27

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The following haunted houses open between Thursday, September 25 and Saturday, September 27. Hours are for opening night only. Check the haunted house’s site for other dates.

Opening Thursday, September 25

San Antonio

Terror on the Plaza 7pm-10pm


Opening Friday, September 26

DFW Area

The Boneyard Arlington  7:30pm-Midnight

Dan’s Haunted House Lake Dallas  8pm-11pm

Houston Area

Nightmare on the Bayou Houston  7:30pm-11pm

Haunted Trails Houston  7pm-Midnight

Fearshire Farms Angleton  7pm-Midnight

Creepy Hollow Haunted House Rosharon  7pm-Midnight

San Antonio

Terror Mansion  7pm-10pm

East Texas

Terror Nights Tyler  7pm-Midnight

Graystone Manor Longview  7pm-Midnight

West Texas

Nightmare on 19th Street Lubbock  7:30pm-11:30pm

6th Street Massacre Amarillo  7pm-Midnight

The Blackness Haunted House Plainview  Hours Unavailable

South Texas

Rotting Flesh Factory Harlingen  7:30pm-10pm


13th Gate Baton Rouge  7:30pm-11:30pm

Tree Farm Massacre Leesville  6pm-Midnight

Rise Haunted House Hammond  7pm-Midnight


Hex House Tulsa  7:30pm-11pm


Opening Saturday, September 27

DFW Area

Thrillvania Terrell  7:30pm-Midnight

Dallas Slaughterhouse Dallas  9pm-1am

Houston Area

Phobia Houston  8pm-Midnight

Redrum Haunted House Richmond  7pm-Midnight




Haunted Houses Opening This Weekend

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Seven haunted houses open this Friday, September 19.


DFW Area

Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus  Irving  7:30pm-Midnight

Tayman Graveyard  Midlothian  7:30pm-11pm

Doors Haunted House  Alvarado  7pm-Midnight


Houston Area

Screamworld  Houston  8pm-Midnight

Heartstoppers Fright  Shepherd  8pm-11pm



House of Torment  7:30pm-11pm


San Antonio

13th Floor  7pm-11pm


Parker House Opening Night

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Parker House (Denton) opens it’s 2014 season this Saturday, September 13, with hours of 7:30pm-midnight.

Haunted House Closings

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The following haunted houses will not return for the 2014 season.

Haunt House


Dollz (might return in 2015)

Festival of Nightmares (no haunted house, laser tag instead)



Cutting Edge Regular Season Opening

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This Saturday, September 6, Cutting Edge opens it’s regular season, with hours of 8pm-10pm!

Cutting Edge Sneak Peek

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The 2014 haunted house season kicks off in the DFW area this Saturday, August 30, as Cutting Edge opens from 8pm-10pm for it’s “sneak peek”, and Cutting Edge’s regular opening is September 6th, from 8pm-10pm!

Haunted House Opening Dates

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Hours listed are for the opening night only. Check the haunted house’s website for additional dates and hours.


All Year

Haunted Mayfield Manor Galveston


August 22-23

House of Torment  (Austin) Zombie Apocalypse 6pm-11pm


August 30

Cutting Edge Ft Worth  8pm-10pm “Sneak Peek”


September 6

Cutting Edge Ft Worth  8pm-10pm Regular Opening


September 12

The Mortuary New Orleans  7pm-11pm


September 13

Parker House Denton  7:30pm-Midnight

Moxley Manor Bedford  8pm-10pm

The Sanctuary Oklahoma City  8pm-10pm


September 19

Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus Irving  7:30pm-Midnight

Tayman Graveyard Midlothian  7:30pm-11pm

House of Torment Austin  7:30pm-11pm

Screamworld Houston  8pm-Midnight

13th Floor San Antonio  7pm-11pm

Doors Haunted House Alvarado  7pm-Midnight

Heartstoppers Fright Shepherd  8pm-11pm


September 25

Terror on the Plaza San Antonio  7pm-10pm


September 26

Terror Mansion San Antonio  7pm-10pm

Dan’s Haunted House Lake Dallas  8pm-11pm

Terror Nights Tyler  7pm-Midnight

Graystone Manor Longview  7pm-Midnight

Nightmare on the Bayou Houston  7:30pm-11pm

13th Gate Baton Rouge  6:30pm-11:30pm

Hex House Tulsa  7:30pm-11pm

Tree Farm Massacre Leesville  6pm-Midnight

Rise Haunted House Hammond  7pm-Midnight

The Boneyard Arlington  7:30pm-Midnight

Haunted Trails Houston  7pm-Midnight

Fearshire Farms Angleton  7pm-Midnight

Nightmare on 19th Street Lubbock  7:30pm-11:30pm

6th Street Massacre Amarillo  7pm-Midnight

Rotting Flesh Factory Harlingen  7:30pm-10pm

Creepy Hollow Haunted House Rosharon  7pm-Midnight

The Blackness Haunted House Plainview  Hours TBA


September 27

Thrillvania Terrell  7:30-Midnight

Dallas Slaughterhouse Dallas  9pm-1am

Phobia  Houston  8pm-Midnight

Redrum Haunted House Richmond  7pm-Midnight


October 1

Amarillo Scaregrounds Amarillo  7:30-10pm

Van Buren Frightmare Amarillo  7pm-9pm


October 2

Houston Screamfest  Houston “Ladies Night”  8pm-10:30pm

Halls of Horror Lubbock  “Dark to Late”


October 3

Screams Waxahachie  7:30pm-1:30am

Dead Zone/Texas Chainsaw Nightmare Elm Mott (Waco area)  8pm-Midnight

Haunted Shadows Lake Trail The Colony  7:30pm-Midnight

Fright Night Haunted House Corpus Christi  7pm-Midnight

Terror Trail Canutillo  7:30pm-Midnight

The 13th Ward Broken Arrow  7:30pm-11pm

Evil Visions Haunted House Monroe   7pm-Midnight

The Dark Path Haunt Denton  8pm-Midnight

Outpost 58 Dewey  7:30pm-11:30pm

Nightmare in the Country Woodward  8pm-11pm

Psycho Path Haunt Sperry  7pm-11pm

Houston TerrorDome Houston  8pm-Midnight

Terror Trails Yantis  Dusk-Midnight

Frightmares Seven Points  7pm-1am

Dam B Haunted Village Vidor  Dusk-Midnight

Nightmare on 1960 Humble  7:30pm-11pm

Soul Asylum Haunt New Waverly  Dusk-Midnight

The Asylum Haunted House Miller’s Cove  7:30pm-11pm

Nightmare on Main St Vernon  7:30pm-10pm


October 4

Jefferson Fright Train Jefferson  The Festival opens at 6pm, first train ride at 7pm

The Crypt Farmersville  7:30pm-11pm


October 11

Fear Factory Insanitarium The Colony  8pm-Midnight


October 17

Darkwood Haunted Mall Wills Point  7pm-“Until the last victim departs”

Def Con 1 Haunted House Odessa  7pm-Midnight



Statewide Haunted House Listings

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North Texas

Screams Waxahachie

Thrillvania Terrell

Cutting Edge Fort Worth

Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus Irving

Tayman Graveyard Midlothian

Parker House Denton

Dallas Slaughterhouse Dallas

Haunted Shadows Lake Trail The Colony

Dan’s Haunted House Lake Dallas

Fear Factory Insanitarium The Colony

The Dark Path Haunt Denton

Moxley Manor Bedford

The Crypt Farmersville

Doors Haunted House Alvarado

The Boneyard Arlington


Central Texas

Dead Zone/Texas Chainsaw Nightmare Elm Mott (Waco area)

House of Torment Austin


Houston area

Screamworld Houston

Phobia Houston

Nightmare on the Bayou Houston

Houston TerrorDome Houston

Houston Screamfest Houston

Heartstopper Fright Shepherd

Fearshire Farms Angleton

Redrum Haunted House Richmond

Haunted Trails Houston

Nightmare on 1960 Humble

Soul Asylum Haunt New Waverly

Creepy Hollow Haunted House Rosharon



Haunted Mayfield Manor


San Antonio

Terror on the Plaza

13th Floor

Terror Mansion


East Texas

Terror Nights Tyler

Graystone Manor Longview

Jefferson Fright Train Jefferson

Terror Trails Yantis

Frightmares Seven Points

The Asylum Haunted House Miller’s Cove

Dam B Haunted Village Vidor

Darkwood Haunted Mall Wills Point


West Texas

Terror Trail Canutillo (El Paso area)

Halls of Horror Lubbock

Nightmare on 19th Street Lubbock

Amarillo Scaregrounds Amarillo

6th Street Massacre Amarillo

Van Buren Frightmare Amarillo

Def Con 1 Haunted House Odessa

The Blackness Haunted House Plainview

Nightmare on Main Street Vernon


South Texas

Fright Night Haunted House Corpus Christi

Rotting Flesh Factory Harlingen



13th Gate Baton Rouge

The Mortuary New Orleans

Evil Visions Haunted House Monroe

Tree Farm Massacre Leesville

Rise Haunted House Hammond



Hex House Tulsa

The Sanctuary Oklahoma City

The 13th Ward Broken Arrow

Outpost 58 Dewey

Nightmare in the Country Woodward

Psycho Path Haunt Sperry


Halloween and Haunted House Links

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Halloween Merchandise and Costumes
















Halloween Decorations















Haunted House Listings





“Real” Haunted Site Listings